How to cause an uprising?
I want the achievement but I cant cause one. I had an island with 500 population and 55 happiness after finishin a mission... Then I started to build 8 army bases and the respective guard stations so I can keep the military happy and they will defend me, not against me. I demolished all churches/cathedrals, clinics/hospitals, entertainment, ALL the houses and even all the food.

The happines were dropping and the people too. Instead of uprising they went to the rebels... At the last moment I had 90 population, happines over 37 and a lot of army well paid, the rest of the people with a $1 wage.

I couldnt make them to uprise... How can I do it?
A Uprising involves everyone (all adults anyway) and they take sides either for or against you. After they choose sides, some on both sides will have low courage, will turn "chicken" and run home to hide.

The military will not automatically be loyalists; they divide up like everyone else. No one is neutral. So your strategy of building a lot of Army Bases and a large, happy military is directly counter to driving the general happiness level down to the uprising tipping point.

It's fairly simple. Preparing for an uprising the way you are doing, keeps it from happening.

Also - you start with 500 people and end with 90? That's hardly anyone but the army. You need to use the immigration office to keep unhappy people from leaving (emigrating) - but don't starve them to death. Dead people can't rise up.
They didnt leave, they all died from starvation or from rebel. From 90 people 50 were on the army. I know that the army will not be automatically on my side but my idea was to keep the army happy (through housing/healthcare provided by the army base) and everyone else unhappy so in the end all the military would be in my side.

The uprising have two sides, they happy and the unhappy but if I make everyone unhappy then I will be alone. So what would be your advice?
Well, I already got it. The main problem with my main strategy was the food. There were no food so all the people died from starvation... This time I made the same, two army bases, pay well the just the army and disabled all the services except entertainment for the military. All the military was on my side excepto for one guy lol

Now I need the rebels to kidnap a tourist... I played half hour with a lot of rebels and tourism and nothing happened...

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