‘Tropico’ Spin-off Llama Simulator Announced
‘Tropico’ Spin-off Llama Simulator Announced

Tropico, 1st April 2014

You’ve built them a ranch. You‘ve watched them for hours and hours. You’ve fostered and nourished them. You’ve adored them. Now it’s time to take control…and assume the role of an exotic Llama. Llama Simulator is the brilliant new spin-off of the universally acclaimed Tropico series. For the first time ever play as a Llama living on the island paradise of Tropico. Devour delicious fresh grass and explore Tropico on four feet - or patrol the streets and disrupt Tropican traffic during rush hour.

Customize your Llama: select fur colour, size, and the length of your tongue - but make sure you help it stand out from the herd by equipping it with a huge range of fashionable accessories. Enjoy ridiculous hats, a variety of false beards and even leather jackets (goat leather, of course!). Plus, Llama Simulator also features awe-inspiring full 1080p HD graphics rendered in an astounding 60 FPS. Just imagine how gorgeous that Llama fur is going to look.

Experience no story or campaign at all and finally understand what it means to be a Llama living a life of luxury on the island of Tropico in Llama Simulator. Coming 2014.

Features of Llama Simulator
  • For the first time: Explore Tropico as a Llama – either from the viewpoint of the chaser or the llama
  • No obligations: Llama Simulator provides you with zero thrilling missions and no absorbing campaign – do whatever you like, when you like.
  • The beauty of silence: Experience absolutely no compelling background story in non-existent breath-taking cut scenes, not narrated by professional voice actors.
  • Customize your Llama and make its appearance a unique sight with countless flamboyant accessories
  • Play as Hector, El Presidente’s favorite Llama!
  • Massive graphics
  • Llamas

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Huge! You do not talk about price?

Looking forward to my Lama breeding .

Good April Fools to the all team Wink

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