Game Freezes to a Standstill in Mid Game
Fondly remembering Tropico 1, I bought Tropico 3 Gold Edition on Steam the other day due to it having the best looking urban dwellings in the series (condominiums), and gosh was this game a blast!

So much the worse when sometime in the 'early 70's', my Absolute Power sandbox game suddenly lapses into a habit of constant freezing up after about 5 minutes of gameplay, in effect making it completely unplayable. The game simply stops, nothing moves. You cannot even switch it off without starting the Task Manager.

Hiking around the web I find several old threads dedicated to this particular or similar symptoms, yet without them ever stating a solution. That is, until I stumble upon this thread: But seriously, could building garages next to intersections really be the problem? My game is freezing continually even in Pause mode so how could a traffic jam even develop?

Thus, my question is simple: Was the issue ever resolved?

Yes, I'm aware it's a few years old, but I want to play Tropico 3 right now, dammit! Big Grin
Alright, no suggestions forthcoming. It's understandable, and me being about as good at technical problem solving as a fish at riding a bicycle, let me rephrase the above post.

To me it seems to have happened to a lot of people that when the game reaches a population of somewhere above 400 (mine is currently at 417 in 1973), the game freezes without explanation. Question is how common it is. Are there even anyone around here playing Tropico 3, especially if you bought the game on Steam, who has not encountered said problem?

Looking at the details from Task Manager, I might add that it says it's an "AppHangB1" error, which supposedly occurs when a program fails to connect to the internet due to a corrupt system file. That looks like the problem resides with my computer. However, if many people experience this same error, maybe there is something wrong with the Steam version of the game?

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