Will there be a Patch?
Since this game appears to be so unstable to many users, is there somebody working on a patch or something, or has Kalypso withdrawn support for Tropico 3 entirely?

If so, that would be a shame. It's the best looking of the Tropico games and a blast to play, even 5 years after its introduction. It's also not very nice selling a game on Steam that apparently just isn't playable for many people due to crash problems.

Reply would be appreciated.
at this moment no more updates are planned.
(13-04-2014, 06:45 PM)Walt Wrote: at this moment no more updates are planned.

Alright, good to know!

I'm also beginning to suspect that my system is being starved for power and that's what causing the trouble when I try to play Tropico 3. Currently I'm running a Radeon HD 5850 graphics card with a 350 W Power Supply Unit, and evidence on the web points at this not being enough.

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