[XBOX] Should I buy Omerta?
Hey Guys,

Somehow I missed this title when it first came out (or I may have disregarded it due to the horrible review ratings). However it seems Kalypso has been working hard on improving and expanding the game. Other then relying on the big studio funded reviewers I'd rather have an opinion from the current community.

So this leads me to a couple of questions:
1. Would you recommend me to buy the game (and why?).
2. What is the quality of the DLC like? 5 euros for 5 minutes of action (like some tropico 4 dlc) or is it actually more like tropico modern times quality?
3. What are your highs and lows with the game?
4. How much time have you spend playing the game this far?

Some background, I love turnbased games and business management games, the ganster era does appeal to me. Games talking withing the Kalypso range I love the Tropico series but even though I liked Port Royale it got boring (for me). For the record I have played XCOM.

I'm liking the demo, so I'll buy it... Big Grin
I really enjoyed it myself but once you beat the story there is little reason to play again.
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