Airline Tycoon 2 Gold Edition hangs
After install first run of Airline Tycoon 2 Gold Edition hangs at "Bribing the flight security board..."
CTR+ALT+DEL only way to end results in a locked .AVI file being displayed.
Moved to Airline Tycoon 2 forum.
@jrtasco - first thing is to run through Standard Practice.

Check your system is upto date:-
and meets the minimum requirements for the game. (Right Click - MY Computer and select properties)
Run Windows Update - and apply all the "High Priority" fixes
Run Windows Update - and apply any Optional Hardware fixes
Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date - Check your manufacturer’s web site
Ensure your sound card drivers are up to date - Check your manufacturer’s web site
Check your PC manufacturer’s web site for firmware updates

With STEAM - you can check you have all the files downloaded correctly by

Opening your STEAM LIBRARY
Right Click on the Game - select Properties
Select the "Local Files" TAB
Then the "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

If you are still getting problems or crashes - then post your DXDIAG here - in a code box
with any error message AND send it with a brief description to KALYPSO

support. Then you have 2 chances to get help.

Click on START
Select RUN (This opens the RUN dialogue box)
TYPE - "dxdiag" - Click OK

This opens the DirectX diagnostic tool
If your machine has a 64-bit operating System - you will get a selection (bottom of screen) indicating "Run 64bit DXdiag
Select that -
Click on "Save All Information" - when the SAVE box opens save contents to a name.txt file
When you post the file use the Code Box option

Is there an entry in your EVENT VIEWER either System or Application log?

You can also run SFC (System File Check) useful if you getting Microsoft error messages (for example about Direct X)

Or try Microsofts FIX IT site -

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