Prefectures Offices and Fires
Hello to all fans of Imperium Romanum.Its a great city building game.I although have a query about random fires in the city.I ve recently played a Historical Scenario in which random fires emerged all the time.I had built Prefect offices and wells all around the city , but buildings used to turn into ashes all the time.What's wrong with the game's mechanic about Prefectures and fire protection?Must these offices be fully working with citizens or what?I mean if an office has 2 working positions must they be filled fully?Dunno what to do with random fires generally speaking.Thank you very much for your help with this matter of mine.... Big Grin

when unemployment is to put your residents fire.
As the show as possible, all residents have work.
The fire stations must be well distributed so that the fire can be extinguished in the city.

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