Someone to edit a background in photoshop for iPhone 6 plus please?
He was looking for someone who can edit photos in photoshop? I would like to put the girl in the background.
The background has to be 1080x1920 resolutions. The photo of the girl already has that resolution
I would like to stick to this girl on background of the yacht. Do you cover the yacht with the girl and the girl did not do them all the way down the bar because the gourd iphone take it up a bit and let the sea bottom where the bar.Please can put the logo of tropic 5 wallpaper
Many thanks in advance and greetings NICO!




Logo Tropico 5:
Why would you want to photoshop the Tropico 5 logo onto the Anno 2070 artwork?
For my iphone 6 wallpapaper i like this 2 images. If you upset i can remove the logo?
[font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]if you upset I could remove![/font]
[font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]if you upset I could remove! Logo
[font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]if you upset I could remove![/font][/font]

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