How to mod population growth?
Hi. I would like to play tropico 4 without immigration but the problem is that people simply wont get enough children so you are unable to do anything. Population growth in tropico 4 is very low, so low that when I got two tsunamis my population dropped from 140 back to 100 and I simply got tired of game. What I would like to be able to mod is that people would have more children are they married or not.

Any ideas?
Issue contraception ban, if You have modern times add Festival of Love edict. You can also change hospital's working mode to Obstetrics. This should improve the amount of newborns in the island.
I did this but population growth simply is too small to be realistic. Women on this game are in ther 30s single and childless. And it is actually difficult to find woman with 3 and more children. This is more realistic for modern industrial nation than a small Caribean island.
Hi, this is an old thread but the opening post explains exactly my situation. I started a sandbox game with no immigration and I planned to completely avoid taking in immigrants (foreign experts included). After 12 or so years, I managed to bring my starting population of 30 to 39 and my budget is in the several hundred thousands, however despite having hospitals set on Obstetrics, Contraception Ban active and periodically issuing Festival of Love (which together bring my married couples to typically have 7-8 children), the real issue is that more than half of my population in the 18-40 age range is permanently single. I've done some research and apparently there are no real answers on how to increase marriage rates, so as the title says, is it possible to mod population growth and specifically marriage?
Well Im still here.

After few games I understood that problem is not population growth but a very small starting population. Even population on 100 is too small to run island, you simply dont have enough workforce to run all goverment officies.

Maximum starting population is something like 100, so do you people know how to increase starting population? Something like 200 would be an ideal.

To explain myself think your population is 30, now think how many children should one mother to have to double population? Answer is not 2 because population is not perfect 50% males and females, but there are also children who cant get children... Answer is something like 3-4, and now understand that it takes 16 years a baby to grown into adult! Population is actually growing really well after your population is larger than 200, but the start is the issue.
Now imagine if you have a natural disaster or Tropicans join into rebels when your population is below 100. This will actually cause population to shrink, which basically is a negative spirall of death and you cant escape from it.

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