This post is all about me and what I want :)...
As the title says this post is about what I want from Kalypso, Gaming Minds, Haemimont and any other development factions ( Tropico Smile ) that exist within Kalypso. Note its not a complaint, just a post about some games I want to see you make, and what you're already in the process of making.

Grand Ages Medieval - I don't know a lot about it as I've not been following any of the news, but what little I do know about it sounds excellent and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Omerta 2 - I sincerely hope you guys are hard at work producing a new Omerta game, and I just want to say....

see this post:

Omerta was an okay game and a damn good first effort imo...but as stated in that old post I really want to see this game develop in to a Gangsters + Omerta 1 + more because that would make an awesome game and although I guess this is seen as a niche market I don't agree with that. If this kind of game was done right I can't see any reason why it wouldn't have a much wider appeal to gamers....think of all those gamers out there who like GTA style games because they get to be dirty criminals....come on we all like playing the bad guy right Smile. What I liked about Omerta was that you have been really successfully in removing the whole spreadsheet feel of Gangsters (not that there was anything wrong with that at the time but lets face it that wont appeal to gamers these days). All that is really missing is more content and a deeper dive in to that criminal world. I wont repeat what is in that post, but please if you haven't already done so, read it please Smile.

Tropico 5 - I will just say again, I want a map editor and I don't want to ever see this game become like a SimCity 4/CXXL/C:SL/SimCity2013....keep it unique. Enough said.

Port Royale/Tortuga - Two Treasures/GTA Sandbox - I have raised this previously and yeah I am going to do it again in the hope you can consider it again. Tortuga - Two Treasures was not really a great game imo, but it had one concept that I really loved which was the whole first/third person perspective you got when sailing your ship around and it occurs to me that could be turned in to a fantastic game. Take that one concept and combine it with a GTA style sandbox game, but still set in a Port Royale Caribbean world. Just think of it, you give me a overall large story to follow, but I start each mission when I want and have a ton of side stories, missions, quests etc to do whenever I feel like as well. On top of that I want to be able to do stuff onboard a ship, be able to buy/sell/steal other ships, and also do land based exploring and combat (please make it a good combat system not just some hack'n slash like Tortuga - Two Treasures, maybe try looking around at some other games like Assassins Creed, I hate those games these days but earlier games had a fairly decent combat that could work with the sword style combat you'd want in a game like this). Sure I know Kalypso you are one of the smaller guys but I argue if you could pull it off, well surely I am not the only person who would enjoy a game that offers that style of gameplay. Again keep it like a GTA style where its single player (but perhaps offers some multiplayer mode as well) but the main point would be it works like a GTA in that apart from the bubble surrounding my character the rest of the world if rather dead aside from maybe some simulation of a Port Royale/Patrician/Venice style trade and economy going on...If done right I think it would be a real winner with wide appeal....oh and please no fantasy crap from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean....stick to reality.

**Edit - maybe the above idea could be done in a similar way to how some of the latest space sims like the X series where you can gradually expand the world and its content in time using DLC's and you don't have to produce the whole thing straight off the bat....gradually build towards the end goal of a rich sandbox style world. It almost sounds like an RPG in a way, don't you guys already make one of those?

Lastly, sorry if it seems like I am spamming you with these ideas but I really do enjoy your games and I honestly think you are on to a real winner with the games you already make and what I wish you would make.

***Edit: I think the thing I like best about Kalypso is that even though some of your games have fallen short of what I and other fans may ultimately want, I feel you have a list of games with bucket loads of potential.

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