Tropico 6(?)
I am a lover of the Tropico series who decided to create an account on the Forums just to express my opinion and hopefully get others' too.

I hope that Kalypso will soon (if they have not already) confirm a Tropico 6 - I am FULLY aware that Tropico 5 is still fairly new and it probably hasn't even released all the DLC for Tropico 5 (and fixed bugs, etc.)

I am just way too excited for Tropico 6 and I hope I can expect something massive from it!
Well, I created an account for the same reason. Mainly, because I am fan of Tropico since ever (the beginning... I am THAT old), but Tropico 5 falls short in many ways, even if its premise is good.
Basically, Tropico 5's shortcomings are not fixable through DLCs or Modding. Essentially, they will need to redo the game to fix those.
A good historic research could have prevented those pitfalls. Because, actually, I REALLY LIKE the idea of beginning the game in the 1800's and come all the way to today.
Dynasty is an excellent idea, since those that know something about the small countries in the Caribbean basin are aware of political dynasties that rule those countries since the Criollo times (local elite from European heritage in the Bolivar independence age).
So, here are my suggestions for a new game (or perhaps for developers to implement on a huge overhauling update or DLC, I don't know, I am not a developer).
A minimal historic accuracy while keeping the tongue-in-cheek approach would be nice.

Two things are very important, and I don't see them on any Tropico games.
We in the US, and most people in Europe don't know what is to be under the rule of an international bank. South Americans and Caribbeans do.
Since they become independent they relied on foreign loans to stay afloat. First the British used the Loyd's Bank to fuel the newborn countries by lending them money at crazily high interest rates.
That enslaved those countries up to the time when us, Americans, replaced the British with our loans and enslaved those countries again.
So, in the first age (1850 to 1918), Loyd's Bank will be that international bank, or we can add an American bank too (we were not in this business of international banking until after our civil war and especially after American-Spanish war). During the second age (1918 to 1945), Loyd's would compete with American banks. Third age (1945 to 1990), would have the IMF, American banks, and Soviet "grants" (like they did with Cuba and Nicaragua, where they "gave" money to those countries, to take their souls on exchange, and sugarcane or whatever, military support installations, and such). Last age (1990 to now) would get the same American banks (we can call them American "freedom" bank for example), the IMF, a BRICS bank (Russia + China), a Middle East development fund and an Euro development bank.

I mean not that "support" we get every year from US or USSR, but REAL LOANS. Like 100k per year.

In the case of banks, Tropico would have to repay the debts for that borrowed money yearly with mob-like interest rates.
During the cold war period (1945 to 1990), if Tropico fails to repay the debts yearly it would suffer penalties like not being allowed to get new loans, have to comply to IMF plans that would curb investment, cut workers salaries in 20 or 30%, create massive unemployment, and so on.
If it fails to repay money borrowed from American Freedom Bank it would have marines invading it, or Tropico's military would attempt coups, or proxy states would declare war to Tropico, or American corporations (like Frutas Co. for example) would get land in Tropico for free, build their own ports and build huge banana, papaya and pineapple farm fields, and Tropico won't get a penny from it, or US government would get some Navy-Air Force base, for free, like Guantanamo (there is a "symbolic" rent for it in real life, actually).
As for Soviet grants, they would "request" land grants for naval and air force bases or take half of sugar, coffee, tobacco and mining monthly outputs for free. In case Tropico does not comply they would use proxy states around to launch attacks, declare war and invade and send spies to infiltrate trade unions and rebel groups and increase rioting and guerrilla until they overthrow El Presidente's.
We could always have the option to have a game event like "chase all US property in Tropico" or "chase USSR Navy base". But that would trigger WAR with superpowers what means Tropico loses even if it wins, as the other superpower would get its boots on the ground and there would be a nuclear bloodbath.

For the early periods (1850 to 1918 and 1918 to 1945), we would have gunboat diplomacy. So, if Tropico fails to repay yearly the loans it would take from British crown bank or American freedom bank, it would suffer naval blockades from the British until the repay or would see US marines deployed and invading Tropico to kill El Presidente and replace him with some puppet dictatorship that would give all resources we needed to repay that money Tropico borrowed (like we did with Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti).

For the actual period (from 1990 up to today), Tropico wouldn't get IMMEDIATELY invaded or something, but there would be huge sanctions through UN and WTO and Tropico won't be able to get new loans or to sell or buy anything until it repays its debts from the borrowed money AND submits to IMF policies (so, huge unemployment, cut all social programs as social security, food for the people, and so on). And we may even get UN "peacekeepers" deployed and Tropico government overthrown because of Tropico's WMDs...

Second thing, neighbors. I know there is multiplayer and such, but I don't even have a Facebook account because all my real friends live OFFLINE. So, I mean HATEFUL and DESPICABLE neighboring countries AI manned that would make El Presidente's life HELL.
They would fight with Tropico for natural resources such as oil in the sea. Invade. Lower the prices for their commodities to get other countries to stop buying Tropico's stuff. Send hundreds of "refugees" to Tropico on boats to build shanty towns, and generate unemployment and crime waves.
We could also make their lives hell. We could send the scum out of our prisons to them as "refugees". Attack them and take disputed islands so we could control natural resources and so on.
Those neighbors would be fundamental as they would be used by the superpowers to attack Tropico as proxies. Tropico would also receive requests from superpowers to start a proxy war against a neighbor (for a good money ransom, of course...) and we could put our mighty military to use (while creating lots of internal strife "bring our boys home" like...)

Those two would be the main additions I see as needed.

The rest of the stuff I would like to see is already in the game and just have to be tweaked.
Dynasties are awesome. Other faction leaders should belong to dynasties too, and their line should rule their factions until they suffer any kind of "accident" and get replaced by newcomers. (El Presidente can be the source of those "accidents" or even the newcomers eager for power).
So, dynasties would start in Criollo times and evolve through the ages. Colorado leaders would become Socialist during the Art Deco period (1918 to 1945), Communist during the cold war, and Labor and environmentalists in our age.
Also, the graphic part. As we going through the ages, buildings should look like as they would on that respective age. We could keep old buildings and would have to pay a fee to update them to new age buildings. And if we keep old buildings that would give a boost on the tourist rates (like Cartagena in Colombia, or old Havana in Cuba).
We should have a little more variety on the buildings as well, like 3 models for each building would be nice, and we could select than with arrow keys, mouse center button or Xbox/PS4 control shaft.

So, let me summarize everything.
If we take a brief overview of Caribbean countries development since the 1800's we will get something like:

1850 (a nice year to start so we don't have to deal with sad historic truths like slavery...) to 1918 (WWI end)
- Factions: only two or three. Basically, Colorados (nationalist and more labor oriented, would be future socialists and communists. Also, more pro-democratic rule), Blancos (militarist and more capital oriented. Favor an autocratic-aristocratic rule), and Royalists (those from Tropico 5, would like to return to European rule).
- Powers: British Empire, Europe (for the other colonial powers like France, Spain, Netherlands...), US
- World Banks (for the yearly 100k loans...): British Crown Bank and American Freedom Bank
- Building style: Colonial
- Military: Army only
- International Threats: gunboat diplomacy and marines.
- Technology: cheap labor, steam, newspapers and nothing else...

1918 to 1945 (art deco age):
- Factions: Militarists, Nationalists (can get an Axis twist here, just take a look at nazi-like movements in South America during that period, even Peron was aligned with the Axis and Brazilian Vargas was pro-Axis as well, until we bought him with some military expenditure and a steel mill), Socialists, Capitalists, Religious and Loyalists (I like them and PENULTIMO RULES).
- Powers: US, Axis and British
- World Banks: British Crown Bank, American Freedom Bank and Axis National Fund (can behave like the soviets...)
- Building style: Art Deco
- Military: Army only
- International Threats: same as before (and Axis can behave like USSR would in the future, but without nukes/proxy wars and with more spies)
- Technology: same... (perhaps coal electricity BUT VERY VERY EXPENSIVE and totally inefficient... and, if that is available, radio ONLY - no TV of course)

1945 to 1990 (cold war age):
- Factions: Militarists, Nationalists, Communists, Capitalists, Religious, Intellectual (would spin from socialists as the communists did) and Loyalists.
- Powers: US and USSR
- World Banks: IMF, American Freedom Bank and Soviet Workers Solidarity Fund
- Building style: that modernist thing soviet like style with lots of concrete and glass (see Brasilia, Brazilian capital...)
- Military: Army, Navy and a very small AND EXPENSIVE Air Force (Here we can have militarists flavors. Usually, in South America and Caribbean, Army forces were more conservative and totally aligned with US. Navy was more liberal and had lots of communist and socialist influence. And Air Force guys wouldn't even speak Spanish or Portuguese so they were in between).
- International Threats: embargoes, proxy wars, marine invasion, soviet funded guerrilla, labor and terrorist movements
- Technology: same as they are already in Tropico games (without wind turbines and nukes, at least, until the 1980s)

1990 to now (modern age):
- Factions: Militarists, Nationalists, Labor (former communists), Religious (Christians), Muslims (that would be nice, they would demand to build mosques, impose shariah law, and such), Globalists (would absorb the Intellectuals), Environmentalists, Capitalists and our old Loyalists - 100 years with our El Presidente and his family...
- Powers: US, Europe, Middle East, China, Russia
- World Banks: IMF, American Freedom Bank, New World Bank (BRICS), Middle East Investment Fund, and Euro Development Bank.
- Building Style: Dubai-like YEAH!
- Military: All three forces plus Marines.
- International Threats: proxy wars (from everyone), terrorism (from everyone...), WTO sanctions, UN peacekeeping invasion to take care of those hidden WMDs Penultimo is keeping somewhere...
- Technology: all Tropico's (space program, solar arrays, Internet, mobile phones network and such) plus Hydroelectric power (for those purty waterfalls...)

So, those are my humble ideas. I see some people talking about a change on Tropico flavor, to take it out of Caribbean. Well, I think the Caribbean flavor is the base for the whole franchise. But I think we could easily adapt that timeline to Africa or Southeast Asia, for example. The whole former third world (now, semi-developed world) went through pretty much the same thing. Sure an Africa or Southeast Asia spin off would need to get that whole 1850 to 1945 thing out, as independence movements there started only after WWII, but that can be easily done.

Sorry for this huge first post, but I signed to the forums just to say that, lol.
Oh, one last thing I forgot:
CORRUPTION. Corruption must be a problem and be endemic as it is in all Caribbean and South American countries. So, if El Presidente does not fight corruption (at least other people's corruption, as he needs to always provide to his "retirement fund" in Switzerland...), to place new buildings will become more and more expensive, and building times will take longer and longer. So, he needs to put the secret service after corruption, find bribing schemes, jail corrupt government officials (at least those that don't share with him...) and will have the press and the globalist and capitalist factions after him if he doesn't put edicts to fight corruption regularly.

Oh yeah, and for the new times (after 2000), he will need to deal with a house of representatives, and keep his loyalists as majority on that house, or build alliances with other factions by aligning his government with their requests and having their officials as ministries (yeah, buy the labor by getting their protegee as Ministry of Economy, but face the anger of the capitalists and militarists. Even a make-believe democracy can be hard to handle...)
He can always declare martial law and shut down the parliament. But if he keeps doing that for too long he will have internal unrest and will have to deal with the world powers (except China, Russia and Middle East) asking for sanctions and so on.

That is something that even North Korea, China and Cuba have to deal with today: elections and a parliament (they don't have to be the most democratic elections in the world - not even ours in the US are that anymore - but there need to be some sort of election, or the world and the press will complain...).
I think that there should be way more military in the game. Dividing forces into army, air and sea is too complicated for a game like this. However theres should be more types of military buildings. For example an army base like in T4. Also more models for the existing buildings, military and overall. I hate having those colonial era towers in modern times, I want modern towers, again, like in T4...

In fact, they should add all the missing GOOD things from T4. T5 should be an improvement, not a random start point where you strip everything, the good and the bad things.
Landmarks, parks, gardens, statues... Terrain painting, etc. Weapons factory...

A huge mistake I think in t5 is the buildings scale. Buildings are a joke, they are very small in comparison to tropicans.

Also I think that they should implement in next game garages, but graphic garages. For example in a rum distllery if there are 8 workers slots, then there should be 8 parkings slots that would be filled when the respective workers are working there.

Also add the same principle but to standalone garages, which are needed because service buildings usually dont have them (church, high school, etc). Standalone garages should be bigger, again, like in T4, but this time graphical and with service limit. They could have upgrades. For example, they start with the terrain level, then paying you could add levels at the top of them and levels at the basement.

And for last, the T5 square grid is too big, while the T4 was too small... Could you find an intermediate solution?

I know its not very organized but there are the basic things that should be present in T6 and should have been in T5.
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Do You remember Tropico 3? Tropico 4 was a remake of T3, so I think that Tropico 6 will be remake of Tropico 5... Of course I wish they created something more sophisticated, customizable, comparing all ideas from previous games + new brilliant ones. We have to wait and we will see the new creation, but for now we can enjoy Tropico 5 for a while.
Ha, sorry for repeating myself but I have been thinking about the buildings scale and its too damn true. You spend 4000$ in a building and its... A small building. I want big buildings for my island. A distillery cant be a 2x3 site where 20 tropicans literally fill it.

I liked in T4 the buildings like the docks and the salt mine, they were very big! And of course make the island big enough for those buildings.
Honestly? I hope nothing of the above will be incorporated into the Tropico franchise ever.

Tropico isn't and never was a historical simulation or a military game... and building scales never really mattered... it was the tongue-in-cheek humor that mattered.
I entirely agree with Nephandus. Never mind building scales (which have never been realistic - or is it the people who are out of scale ? - but DO let us have more variety. A housing area in T5 usually looks like a Soviet-era set of concrete dominos.
Mind you, such military as there is in T5 could do with improvement. Tanks at walking pace ? A Tropican squad marching the whole length of a Huge island (took almost a year) about three tiles ahead of a pirate squad towards the latter's designated target ? Daft.
I doubt there will be an Tropico 6 after all the whining tropico 5 did.
One thing I would like in a possible Tropico 6,


I love 3&4 on the 360 but I went next on day one and the only game I'm really missing is Tropico, and maybe a Viva Pinata game.

Does anybody know why they didn't do a Xbox one version? Sad
Anything else?
A new Tropico 6 will be released soon so don't waste your time on stupid dlc
One thing I would like in a possible Tropico 6,


I love his Crazy Bulk results posted on the 360 but I went next on day one and the only game I'm really missing is Tropico, and maybe a Viva Pinata game.

Does anybody know why they didn't do a Xbox one version? Sad

Where did you hear this soap94?
Whatever else is done in Tropico 6, and I do most sincerely hope that this will exist, will the developers please, please get the Almanac to work properly? In T5 the arithmetic is never correct, the pages flicker every 7 seconds (and after a flicker the lists of buildings reappear in a different order), the number of students seems to be cumulative (e.g. says 407 when there are 2 colleges and 7 high schools, total capacity 125), and some of the information is useless: what's the point of showing the total income to date, or the last 10 completed buildings? What I'd like to know is income and outgoings for, say, the last year, and what buildings are under construction.

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I love that!
(07-08-2016, 10:29 AM)mwyeoh Wrote: I love that!

Somebody had to do it. Here's another goodie called "thread backfire"

If you get a lease on a server then it's even better, because it loads faster than imgur. I only ever use 1% of my 10GB a month backwidth lol, the catch is that I only have 500MB of disk  Tongue anyway, thread necromancy, I don't mind it let's keep the chat going. Tropico 6 sounds like a good idea - do it devs, take my money!

Edit: I hope Tropico 6 is more polished than Tropico 5. They've made money so they can reinvest more this time, bigger budget surely?
[quote pid='213765' dateline='1471052109']

Somebody had to do it. Here's another goodie called "thread backfire"

If you get a lease on a server then it's even better, because it loads faster than imgur. I only ever use 1% of my 10GB a month backwidth lol, the catch is that I only have 500MB of disk  Tongue anyway, thread necromancy, I don't mind it let's keep the chat going. Tropico 6 sounds like a good idea - do it devs, take my money!

Edit: I hope Tropico 6 is more polished than Tropico 5. They've made money so they can reinvest more this time, bigger budget surely?

My biggest request is a more open scenario editor. There were so many options in the T4 editor that were hidden for users in the T5 editor. Although I managed to find some, one of the biggest missing features were 'persons of interest' markers

Also releasing the editor earlier than they did in T5

The game definitely had lot of good points, such as eras and Dynasty members. The new import/export mechanic was good (Although it would be good to have more control over it). Tourism needs a bit of work as with the new mechanic, tourists stay in a single hotel (believable) and go to a single entertainment building (In T4, they could go to multiple which would rake in the money)

I would also prefer a T4 style needs & production mechanic so that traffic & building placement is actually a big consideration (Although I am guessing this would require much more processing power, which is why T5 had a much higher pop limit) and a T4 style minerals/resources (Although I'm sure plenty of people would disagree with this). Also a Grand Ages: Rome style of unit command (It was the same engine as T3/T5 I believe). Also allow presidente to visit buildings again!
All of these ideas are great that I've read so far and I'm sure they'll take them into account. But the ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY MOST DEFINITELY NEED TO FIX IS THEIR AGENT SYSTEM! What I mean by this is they need to actually make AI characters not mind driving and using mass transit. What good are buses, cars, trains, metros, etc... if someone is going to build a friggin' shanty next to their place of employment just so they can go to work? Same goes for shopping and AI characters partaking in other island amenities and activities. I don't know if I'm the only one with this OCD condition but I hate those daggone shanties all over the place. When I destotry I sometimes query the person living in it. On occasion thee would be an upperclass doctor living in it next to the hospital, or an engineer living next power plant, and so on. As long as they address and fix the problem of people commuting from home to work then this game will be just fine. You can't mixing residential areas in commercial areas just so people won't build huts all over the place.
(29-07-2016, 09:19 AM)Darks Wrote: smersh711
   One thing I would like in a possible Tropico 6,


   I love his Crazy Bulk results posted on the 360 but I went next on day one and the only game I'm really missing is Tropico, and maybe a Viva Pinata game.

   Does anybody know why they didn't do a Xbox one version? Sad

Where did you hear this soap94?

There will be an Xbonx One version of Tropico 6.

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