[MOD] All Buildings Unlimited
The same mod as in Tropico 5 comes here! If You want multiple Mausoleums, Christ Statues, Babel Towers or more of other limited buildings download mod called AllBuildingsUnlimited.lua https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0...HF2T240bUU  and put it in Tropico 4/Game . 
This mod can destroy some game mechanisms, so download and use on Your own responsibility.

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/amEQ6Xq.jpg]
Awesome, thanks James!
So I imagine this is particularly helpful with the nuclear power plant; you can set one to enrich uranium and one to produce power, using the uranium produced, correct?

I'm still new to T4 (actually, this is the first time I'm playing any game in the series), but I'm lovin' it. I just hope that down the road T5 will have the same potential with new DLC and mods. I've been into modding games since 1996.. those where the days! This is like rekindling that flame, and a great mind exercise for an old man at 32.
Do this too but with edicts please
I want to fullfill my island with Chineses
Also, you should let make various Media Buildings in the same mode
The Voice of the Worker is the only Newspaper the island needs

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