Windows 10
I have been playing this game for months and it really is a life quest. But recently I have an icon appear on my machine saying free upgrade to Windows 10. Will the game run with Windows 10?
I don't want to upgrade and lose the ability to play - what would I do with my life? Wink
I do have a life outside P4
@herbella1 - I would look at this from Microsoft before you decide. Windows 10 is still in development and you would be just part of that test.

No comment on your life
There's still something called "compatibilty settings".

So if the game won't run under Windows 10, but ran when using an older Windows version, just make sure you set the compatibility to that older Windows version when you're updating too Windows 10.

That way, you got the best of both worlds.

I hope......

Thorin Smile
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I have played it on my windows 10 laptop and seemed to work fine
Patrician 4 Rise of the Dynasty version 2.04 runs fine on Windows 10 64 bit.  It does crash after two hours or so, so I would reccommend that you save your work regularly. Big Grin

Update as of 03/2017, game runs great on the latest version of Windows 10, just make sure that you have upgraded to the latest video drivers.
From what I've seen and read upgrading from Windows 8 works fine. Updating from Windows 7 can be problematic. I have had several failures trying to upgrade particularly with IE not working.

Several older games that I was already running under Comparability Don't work too well.

But I guess that is progress and things move on.

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