Port Royale 3 for PC not patching

I just bought the digital version of Port Royale 3 today only to find out that it needed several patched to get updated. That, in itself is not the problem. The problem is that EVERY time I launch the game it downloads this 808 MB patch, but never applies it. I pissed away a whole evening trying to get this to work and I an quite UNimpressed. I want the verdammt merry go round to stop. I want the patches to be properly applied so that my game will work correctly. I do not enjoy wasting my money or my time.


Pissed off in Kanada

I'd post a screen shot but this forum does not support uploading....convenient...

I have the Steam version but I think if you are downloading the patch via the Kalyspo Launcher you will need to select "apply patch" somewhere in the process.

You can attach pics - Preview Post and scroll to the bottom and attach file - or upload to a photo / image share site and insert the url.

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