Patch 1.3
Hi, I am sorry to post here but am old and not too good at searching.
I used to enjoy PR2, so bought this as soon as I could.
I have PR3 Gold. Does this have the update within it?...if not, could you provide a link to it, as all I find when searching is the forums?

Also (minor complaint) - could you have whoever came up with the awful stock slider placed against a wall and shot! :-). The problem for me is an older video card that is struggling, which has lead several times to purchases/sales above/below the intended> How about a dialog box we can just type a number into?


Depends on your where purchased the game from - but look on the Splash Screen (initial load screen) and the version should be displayed on the bottom left of the screen. Where ever you purchased the game should provide the latest patch. Don't search and download a patch because each retailer may have a diferent version of the game and be at a different patch state.

You can also check if you find where you installed the game and right click the PortRoyale3.exe - select properties and then the Details tab - the version is displayed in the file version line.

I make no comment about the slider expect to say "that old Chesnut" - but I don't like them either.
Launcher sadly does not mean a lot to me :-).
I bought the game online (ebay):

Details tab (using the desktop short cut) doesn't state any version info I can see.

Thanks for info.

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