2 Technical Problems

I purchased a used laptop "as it is", with a number of programs already installed. Because of some small problems with one of the harddrives attached (USB), I had to replace that old harddrive with a new one and copied all programs from the previous one to it. Most of the things function well, but I had to delete a number of the games as that laptop is over-heating running these games.

The game "Tropico" reaches just below the limit for over-heating, but my first question is, if there are ways in its Settings, that can help to get the CPU temperature even a bit lower. Thanks.

The second problem I am encountering is a game error: "Error opening pack file item 'bl2thrcs.imb', id# 831125663". I cannot find a solution for it online when searching, and so I try to get assistance here.

The version of that game is "1".

HP Compaq Presario CQ57 (Refurbished)
8GB RAM (I upgraded from formerly 2 GB)
Windows 7 Home Premium
Set all graphic setting to the lowest. It should help with the overheating. Update the game/reinstall it. When do You encounter the error when You launch game or while playing?

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