Tropico 5 Map & Challenge Editor
SAD, This Update is only for Steam Users/players.

I do wish the devs will ever add camera shots to the actual sequence editor's menu

Because if loading a premade mission, camera shots are visible as sequences and while they are can't outright make them from scratch.

Quality art requires quality tools, and i think adding the camera shots to the list of things in the sequence editor would be a welcome thing. Making an intro or a cool flyby of your map is a welcome thing when designing missions and maps (And could possibly make it worth of making a sequel)

Adding the rock walls would be nice aswell,but that is a story for another day...
Hello everyone,

i need help finding the beauty button, to place an object that increases the beauty, just like the soil quality improvement. or if there is no such thing maybe someone can tell me a work around to have a green beauty grid map wide.

Thanks in advance
Can somebody tell me the purpose of the yellow trumpets that appear scattered over a "new mission" map ?

And I do wish fervently that it was possible to save a partly-completed mission with a name other than that chosen initially. After I've set up the geography of a new island, I'd like to be able to set it up with different boosts and resources, for comparison. Moreover, I'd like to be able to play on a map I've created as a normal game which I could save at intervals, thus allowing me the option of going back a year or two when I've done someting wrong  and letting me (when necessary) start again with different starting conditions.
And now I have lost the option to create a new challenge. Tried deleting and reloading the game, with no success. I have reported this by e-mail to Kalypso, a week ago, but have had no reply except an automatic acknowledgement: why am I not surprised? Disappointed, naturally, but not in the least surprised.
Kalypso said that the problem could be due to a bug in my uploaded challenges, which they could not fix. So I deleted those challenges, uninstalled the game, made very sure that no trace of Tropico 5 remained on my computer, and the reinstalled. Still no Challenges option, still no way for me to create a new challenge. Reported to Kalypso again.
I doubt, from the lack of activity on this forum, that anything will ever happen to resolve my difficulty.
Hi. Anyone know how to remove rock formations like these ones?


The delete button does nothing >.<

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