Balance in Warehouse negative / convoy confusion
Hi, ive hired a steward and strangely enough, if i klick on balance in the warehouse, the category warehouse deals often shows a negative number even though i havenot allowed the steward to buy anything and there is always stuff he is selling.
So i wonder what is influencing this statistic.

secondly i feel abit at a loss when it comes to organizing a convoy
A very specific problem occures:
I have a convoy that has 1 ship(say a bark) fully equiped with sailors and amunition and weapons but more barks without any of that. Now if i want to remove 1 of the barcs fom my convoiy, how can i tell wich one is the one that has the manpower/amunition.
Its really sad that all of that expansive stuff just gets deleted if i reamove a ship from convoy, and its even more sad that we cannot name ships anymore ...

other than that, iam enjoying the game

you can not name ships, but still convois.

if the equipped ship was marked as a battle ship, there should be a blue line at the to of the picture in the convoi list.

equipement is not lost, if you remove a ship from a convoi. if you build a new convoi with th at ship, you will find sailors, ammunition, weapons (and cannons) in the new convoi. only if you wat too long the additional sailors will look for a new job. Wink
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tnx, that helps!

still wondering whats wrong with the balance display or the balance itself...
wages - including that of your administrator - land taxes of your industries, warehouse and houses are all shown in your warehouse balance.
so even if you don't trade a thing, the moment you build a warehouse you got a negative balance.

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