Rarest Disciples 2 tricks (of mine)
Hi everyone! I'm Elojah and I'm new in the forum.

Who are like me still playing Disciples II Rise of The Elves? Yes? No more?

Well, I have discovered some tricks that you will wish try, and may be they refresh your interest in the game.

Trick 1: As you have learned, all in Disciples is about maths. You work out well the maths, and you can win almost impossible battles. But it's not so easy when you are moving on the map. As you know, ever you afford a battle you loss automatically 50% of your total move points. So, no matter how much move points has your leader: no one can fight three battles consecutively with is move points (Obviusly, not without a spell, which only some races have, are very difficult to obtain, and most of them only give you back part of your total move points). For instance, if you have 100 of total move points and you attack a very nearby army, you will loss at least 50 points plus the points you needed to reach that army, and the next battle you will loss the rest of points.
The reason is that the software of the game work out this 50% to rest you per battle from total capacity of move points your leader have. But... what if you could reduce somehow this total move points after the first battle? For instance, if before your first attack you have 100/100 move points and after attack remain you 45/100, and you could reduce your total move points in this instance, not to 45/45, but at least to 45/60, after a next battle you will keep yet at least 15/60 points. Not bad! It's the total move points of some summoned creatures! This way you could afford three battles per turn, or reach some place after two battles. And how you could you do this? Simply, guys: after the first attack.. take you out the boots! ;-)

It works with all boots, with boots of seven leagues (+60% move points), with +40% and with boots of +20%, but the move points remaining with +20% and native move points below 30 may be useless. Assuming that you shall use this trick to attack an army blocking the entry of a city and the outer and inner guarnitions in a single turn (three armies), here a table showing the maximum of move points you keep after the second battle:

Native move points of leader: 42

With +60% boots: Total move points: 67/67

First attack: -1 for attack moving -33 for battle (50% of 67) = 33/67 remaining

After take off the boots: 33/42 move points.

Second attack: -1 for attack moving -21 for battle (50% of 42) = 11/42!

With this 11 move points I can do much in a single turn, and you? :-)

The best of this trick is that it's not a cheat, it's simple maths. You can use it in multiplayer and do it in every turn you need it. However, it's not useful in all situations. It work better attacking armies near each other, and it's specially useful when you are surrounded for many armies, of if you fall in an ambush, and more if you are defending yourself in front of a city of yours.

Trick 2: Free training. How difficult is experience to obtain for your armies in Disciples 2! Only 1000 points of experience for your leader can cost you in a Trainer Camp all the 9999 of gold that you can keep after a long game and explored almost the entire map.

But, what if you could obtain free training for your armies? It is possible in Disciples II? Yes, it is! At least, if you found some summoner guy, which it's not so seldom in the game. So, if you find in some ruins an Elementalist... don't kill him! No matter how much gold obtain you after bring down the place, the Elementalist alive worth more for you than the gold. Just go with your army and wait the turns of attack of any unit in your army that have more than 40 points of initiative. Wait until he summon, and every time the Elementalist summon an air elemental, kill just the elemental, not the summoner. Do this many times, and then you go off the ruins and without kill the Elementalist, and all the experience of the summoned creatures you killed shall be add to your army units anyway, and they even shall level up!
You just will get one or two little air blows before you get out the ruins, nothing serious ;-)

But... it's not all so simply, can you do this forever? Yes, just if you never kill the summoner. Forever... in a single battle? Well, in my experience, no. In fact, in my old Pentium 3 computer, if you still killing only the summoned creatures, after some number of creatures killed it seem that the game engine can't manage well how to work out your gained experience, and the game show an error and you go back automatically to Windows desktop. Don't worry, the game will launch and work well again.

Hence, you need to do the experience for yourself and COUNT the creatures you are killing. If the game crash when you reach the creature killed number 10, you just need to retreat of battle after killing the ninth.

Here I show you a table of my experience doing this with several summoners:

- Elementalist: Don't kill more than 8 air elementals for battle with a 6 units army.

- Master Occultist: Don't kill more than 13 creatures

Tests with Master Occultist:

Battle 1 (first try):
15 units killed
Game crash before retreat

Battle 2:
5 single units killed
11 double units killed
Game crash before retreat

Battle 3:
5 single units killed
8 double units killed
Game crash even when retreating

Battle 4:
4 single units killed
9 double units killed
Retreating successful: 1982 xp gained!

Of course, you will need a matching army to do this. You need a level 9 leader and units at least of level 5 to kill in a single turn all that a Master Occultist can summon (dracolichs, skeleton warriors...), and take care of not kill so fast a creature much before come his turn to attack and without wound the others, because you will leave the place free for Master Occultist summon another creature. And when all places are busy with wounded creatures and the Master Occultist can't summon a single zombie, he will defend himself and you can attack with some magician to finish the work, without wound the summoner so much :-P

You need to work out and manage well this for not to be overwhelmed, or they will overpower you. Unless, you have a healing unit, obviusly.

So, now you can train your armies for free in Disciples 2! And if you stand at foot of a ruin for some tunrs, you can fight up to 3 battles per turn with the taking off boots trick! Never you could obtain such amount of experience otherwise!

I hope this tricks were of your interest. Good bye!
(29-09-2015, 12:38 AM)Elojah Wrote: ahahahha  nice. I did without math, just experience Big Grin
Do you know what's difference between "small map AI" till "large map AI" and "humongous AI"? 

What AI is the best choice for challenging AI? 

I learned that on Very Hard setting, the AI often looses their armies in battles (most of all against medusas) 
Great advises, thank you! Maybe we will be able to play a multiplayer game with you?

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