dungeons 2 product key already in use?
Hi I recently purchased dungeons 2 and installed it via disk.
When prompted to log in and then insert product key, it says the product key is already in use.
I was wondering how I could resolve this issue as I've been looking forward to playing the game?
I have already messaged kalypso and am waiting on a response but thought I'd ask here as well.

Thank you in advance
Where did you purchase the game from? If it's a used copy, chances are your key is still in use because it was registered by the previous owner. In this case, you will have to contact the retailer.
I got it off ebay, have been looking about for a wee game like dungeon keeper and came across this one which ive been looking forwars to play since i seen it to be honest lol
I've already contacted the retailer/seller and they had informed me that they do not have a kalypso account and had not played the game as they didn't have the minimum specs...
I'm still waiting to hear back from kalypso themselves as well though, was debating sending them the product key as well as photographic proof I have and own the game...not sure if that would help though =(
Hi l3fty.
So best would be to wait until our support got back to you regarding your product key.
Be aware that "used" product keys might need assistance from the former owner.
So stay tuned as the support/help we can offer in our boards is limited and in terms of product keys almost impossible to be handled except by our support.



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