Clash of Pumpkins not available?
I just got the game a couple weeks ago, bought, downloaded and installed all the DLC's, and am enjoying the game very much. However the DLC for Clash of Pumpkins is not available to play. It may be a "seasonal" theme but it's also additional gameplay. How do I get it to load?

Here you go:

For the Kalypso Launcher (boxed) version, the Clash of Pumpkins content should be downloaded automatically through the Launcher.
My steam says I have it and it's installed, but there is no "Play" button next to it in the DLC screen.
Hi Effix.
Be assured, that the content can still be played.
You cannot "run" the DLC on its own. Simply start Dungeons 2 as normal, click on "Singleplayer", select "Skirmish" and now you have the "Clash of Pumpkins" free DLC content available to be selected:
DLC skirmish-maps are:
"Island of Horror", "Ghost Forest", and "Killer Penguins!"
All are even tagged with the "Clash of Pumpkin" DLC name.



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