Dungeons 2 thoughts after normal campaign by zippydsmlee
Dungeons 2 thoughts after normal campaign by zippydsmlee
Frist off I’d a couple spells or features if not for Dungeons 2 maybe Dungeons 3.(I am ignoring  issues with crashing and shuttering and other glitches or the length of the game, so do not bring them up or I will sick Horny on you…oh wait wrong game….lulz)
1.I would really love it if you could select a mode for the campaign that did not use prefab dungeons, it takes forever to rebuild them the way I want , just increase the limit on the scripted event so you can build something in time before you get over run.
2. Speaking of overrun…I only ever died once…. And that was the red wedding level. So it would be nice if we could have twice the creature limit at an extra cost, and up the rate heroes come in, also add in random kill teams that have a higher chance of kicking your but, this could be an extreme mode.
3.Token/Book room, this allows you to easily store the tokens you find and with an upgrade lets you stack them on a creature, it also means you can select the device in it select the token/book you want then click on a creature to apply it, give you a good 10 seconds to undo it… I say this because I have lost more tokens/books by dropping them or a creature without taking a lot of space to make a safe aera to do it…..  
4. Would be nice if you could lock devices like a cooper, they make beer constantly even if you have 600 barrels and 5 creatures in your dungeon it can become annoying to micro manage that, tho you could invent a prioritization system that can manage things for you to a degree, see number 4 LOL.
5. I would kill a whole herd of unicorns for the ability to prioritize stuff, like have a spell the first thing you cast it on makes the little snots focus on it, then move onto the next thing you casted it on when they are done. Like cast it on gold to mine and they mine whatever gold to mine is selected to dig on. If its casted on a treasury they will take whatever gold they pick up to that treasury first. Same for Brewing from a cooper or brewery room(brew from this cooper and take whatever is brewed anywhere to this brewery room). Tho I imagine it would work like this a device has 1-5 priority on it as dose gold or mana to mine, this means that the lower the number the creatures will target that device to work on(for beer you’d have to work out a percentile/ratio on the number of creatures to beer to how much beer can be stocked, that way if you are low the other coopers will be used but if you have a lot of beer stockpiled then). For rooms they will take stuff to that room to fill up then move on to either the next prioritized room or the closest one to the thing they are working on if nothing is prioritized. Rooms would have a 1-5 number on them meaning that whatever has the lower number the little snots will move stuff to that room, no matter which room it is. If you just allow a simple 1-5 prioritization system then you can set many items to 1 or 2 or 5 then as one room gets filled up they will move stuff to that room.
6. OH lord of darkness what I would not give for the ability to lock out everything but little snots on a door, even make it a special door so you need more room to use it, that would be great to have. Make it like a normal door but in lock mode only little snots can go past it.
7.With the prioritization system in place lets make the mana rooms more interesting, first off a mana rooms can only use mana from its room, mana caps for rooms could be increased and the cost of enabling spells increased as well. Then use mana shrines to enable sharing of mana across a map, the cost to make a shrine would need increasing as well.  Then you can make it so Mana rooms can work on a spell or population cap independently from each other like the tinkers workshop or the demons forge.
8.Spells, spells and more spells, I would really love it if you had the old spell tree like 3 or 4 different categories, as you enable a spell you can enable the next one and such based on your dungeon throne level. Light/eagle eyes would be nice to have back too…. Also about not being able to cast spells outside you domain…how about using 5X the mana for outside the domain spell usage, as long as troops are around, heck even add splash damage to some that damage your own troops(which would put them on strike or take twice the pay for hazard duty or something)
10.Now let’s get into overworld stuff, first off….. hold should mean that a creature will have very limited movement yet every other time I use it they wander off half a screen from where I placed them and they wind up dying sometimes. Halve their range from the location they are holding and make them always return to that location after a fight. I am fine without a patrol feature or way points.
11. Spell auto cast on overworld, all spells should be toggable as so creatures can use them at their discretion like in the underworld on the overworld.
12.Buildings, catapults and towers should have a higher armor rating and 3 or 5 times the amount of hit points, so normal units do little damage to them, Troll rock throwers, Gobots(the more wood the faster its damaged) some magic and Troll Juggernauts do more damage.
13. AND BEER FOR ALL, Now if you can increase the creature cap somehow then you can use a couple little snots to take a wagon of 50 or so beers to a location on the overworld, make it a room where you train some sort of beastly pack animal.  If creatures do not get their beer which on the overworld would take twice as long to get thirsty, they will either go into a blind rage and chase enemies or just wonder off killing animals, now a normal wagon means the creature will have to go to the wagon and get beer to drink but that also heals them some like normal, and maybe offer upgrades as so it does not take as long to drink, also another upgrade would be like beer rain instead of going to the wagon and taking time to drink they can just consume it within a radius of the wagon but healing is halved). Maybe also make it so it does not take much for the wagon to explode from damage LOL.
14.Bards and thieves , make bards more like a general buff unit that also slows down your creatures, give them double the range of a dwarf, also they maybe can effect traps with their noise and reduce trap damage by half. A thief would take over for traps, they die in a hit or 3 and also can turn invisible but have half the energy as a Goblin assassin, that way they cannot stay invisible for long, also give them a smoke bomb that with invisibility makes them invisible to all but Naga units for a time period and in radius of where the smoke bomb was used.
15.Speaking of Naga units….. The default unit should upgrade to having a lot more range, something like an entrenched Troll Rock Thrower however such long range attacks take 2-3 times as long to fire off, the bow men can randomly upgrade to that level as well to make things interesting. … well okay I just want to take a map with Nagas but whatever…. LOL
16.Another Crazy idea while I am at it, farmer units can repair damaged buildings and catapults, maybe even rebuild them, if you had more units it means you need to do more things, maybe make gates unscripted and more like destroyable doors but can be replaced repaired.  Also Dwarfs should be able to dig through walls at the same rate as little snots, however you double the time on a “prettied” wall, have an upgrade or 2 available that makes it harder to dig though as you upgrade it, make it so each upgrade can be applied twice as fast as the one before it, so lvl 1 pretty wall takes X amount of time, then you take half as much time to apply a lvl 2 wood and iron enhanced wall, then half as much time to apply a lvl 3 steel wall over that. While I am thinking crazy maybe have it so a dwarf, a couple bow men, a couple solders and a thief can dig and lesser chance to have a randomly spawned bard, elf, ect can drop in a random spot in a dungeon ala the demon portals from whatever level that was, I guess you’d just target open den areas (spiders, elementals ect) and have them randomly appear in one of those locations.

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