some seggustions and an idea for a grand dlc
I have few seggustions for the game especially for the oriental part of it:
In the arab towns the buildings are orientals but the factories and the people are occidental can you please turn also the factories and the people into the same theme and also can you make an oriental look to the soldiers you recruit in oriental land Smile?
And also can you make that soldiers in the game will walk like an organised battalion (in like square formation or lines or whatever,except for the mercenariesSmile

That was my seggustions and my idea for the dlc is:
Grand ages Medieval legends of the silkroad and in this dlc you will be able contact and trade with far east civilizations and invest in far east cities and also in this dlc there will be a new type of exotic commodities that you will be able to buy and produce only in the far east like silk,rice or gunpowder and also there will be a special route that will be called the silkroad that will give some advantages for the player who controls it
I hope you will like my ideas i think they can enrich the experience of the game and could be very fun Big Grin
Hi MoonEmperor.
Thank you so much for your passion and dedication for our game!

I will definitely forward you suggestions and ideas, but cannot make any promises on that.
Keep it up and feel free to share all kind of feedback and/or ideas and suggestions.


I also think it would be nice to have arab looking people in N-A and in the ME....this is what i liked in Knights of Honor.
(06-04-2016, 02:06 PM)Anguille Wrote: I also think it would be nice to have arab looking people in N-A and in the ME....this is what i liked in Knights of Honor.

I think it would be nice to have also smaller maps/scenarios...for example just some countries like Spain or France. The large maps are great but take forever to finish.

I would also like to see the addition of optional victory conditions. The conquest of the entire world can be fun but is so unrealistic.
I think it would be nice to see which products are needed in cities on the strategy map (like in Patrician).
I have more idea that are too ambitious but can work great with this very unique special format fusion of city building and political\trading strategy like why not create a game that in the beginning you choose an ancient civilization like the romans or the chinese or egyptians and so on and start with them the game rather then just in the medieval theme(and that diffrent civs will have their own exotic commodities) Smile or create a fantasy version of the game that you can choose to play with an elven civilization or dwarves and add more suprises on the maps rather than just wild animals like dragons or trolls or wizards hut i know its way too ambitious but i reallly love to format idea of this game so i really had to say this ideas XD

And the other idea is much more realistic for the current game and it goes like this why dont create a guild house building in the game that trough it you will be able to boost production of one commodity at a time i think that will be great addition to the game Smile

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