Sea Battles with Pirates
I have started playing an old game and I am well on in the game. BUT the Pirates seem to be getting stronger or better, certainly faster. Is this really happening or am I getting slower? And is there something I'm missing to slow them down or help me.
LOL - Yes the Pirates do get better, faster, stronger. I think somewhere, someone posted about them discovering outboard motors.
Anyway. At the start of the game you come across mostly COGS expanded to Level 1 (12 Cannons) has you progress you get more CRAYERS and SNAIKKAS and the ships come expanded to Level 2 (20 Cannons for COGS).

You can research NAVAL BATTLE technologies in the University to help with your ships speed and damage caused. Building Hulks and using them has escorts helps too. Lots of hit points and more fire power. The Pirates only use Round Shot so by using Chain Shot to damage their sails and slow them down you can afford to trade hull damage for that advantage.
So I have a University in my town and can build a Convent School then upgrade it in the town I have built. Looking round there are some towns with Universities and some where I can make an application. Now there seems to be a problem.
I made an application but my total gold did not reduce though the percentage approving the application went up. This didn't just happen for Universities but for other requests as well.
Is this working?
I think this is a known "feature" - the money you put to the Application seems to work alright but you only get charged 10%.

So if you put 100,000 G only 10,000 G comes off your total. If you look at the screen shot - I put 1,000,000 into building a Chapel but only 100,000 was deducted from my total. Big Grin

Kids back at School and I have picked up the game again.

I started a new game and must have got better at playing. I want to send a convoy to trade in the Mediterranean but haven't got a Captain with level 3 Navigation. I can sit a ship in Edinburgh and wait for a trainer. Is there a quick way to get the experience.

I usually start a couple of trade routes as soon as I can - single ship and build up to a convoy - one route a Baltic circle, just going to all the towns in the Baltic area and another doing the same in North Sea area, auto trading. This builds up your Captain's experience, makes money and gets you started building a reputation.

Also I do try to get a Counting House in Edinburgh early because it produces Iron and that can be fed into London to make Tools (Iron Goods) to trade in the Mediterranean, you usually get at least 2 ports that want Iron Goods, and I use London has a 'Hub' for all Mediterranean trading.
OK - good advice but why use London has a base for all Mediterranean trading. The goods still have to travel to all towns to sell, why not use whatever main distribution town you set up.

I use London because it is the shortest distance to the Mediterranean trading ports and Mediterranean trading convoys need to have all the ships fully manned and expanded, less damage on their return. I don't need that kind of expense to distribute goods, I have my Pirate hunters to deal with attacks, and have only one 'warship' per convoy in the 'Hanse' area. There is a quicker turn round on Mediterranean convoys.
I tend to use the producing town to distrute goods it produces anyway, and rely less on distribution centres.

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