New player question: What to offer for agreements & Troop reinforcement
Just started playing (long time Ascaron fan).  I wanted to make an agreement with a nearby town.  It looks like I can only make a Transit agreement first before I make a Trade agreement, is this correct? Unfortunately the UI doesn't show the progression of agreements and what is required to 'advance'.  Second, how much should I offer? It this literally all trial and error? Is there no UI element which gives me a sense of what would be considered a reasonable offer? In the tutorial I offered Budapest 19300 (I think) for a trade agreement, should I use this as a baseline? I think something is missing here - either I'm missing it or it is a gap in what should appear in the UI.

Lastly, I had my scout caught up in a bit of a kerfuffle and he's at 50%, how can I restore his strength? Also, I ran into another set of bandits and ran from them but now my scout is automatically running back to my town and I can't control him - says reinforcing.  It is looking like there is a green arrow at the bottom left which shows 'supply', I assume getting to where I have this green arrow means I'm reinforcing and my strength bar will go up?
The agreements are layered, so you can only make one agreement - So you need a Transit Agreement before a Trade Agreement and this can lead to a Peace Agreement and on to a Military Alliance. If you fail to get agreement then there is waiting time for you can try again. How much to offer - not sure how this is worked out but it seems to depend on a number of factors - Your Wealth ; Sympathy of the other party.

Reinforcement - you unit runs to the nearest town where it can recover. Once it gets there you can move it to town with more supply - mostly manpower. It's a "rout" rather than a loss. You can give orders to these units. (Well you can - but it won't have any effect)

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