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I thought to myself earlier today when playing the game, i'm not very good at this game and in every one of my games i always lose money and go bankrupt and I cannot play the game any further than maybe rank 7.

So i decided to make this thread, to help people like me and others who find it hard to have a successful play through

I have played the campaign enough to understand the game and it's just it doesn't explain how to actually have positive cashflow.

Thank You!


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Traders make money - War costs money and lots of it.

The idea is that you look to set up short trade routes (5 or 6 towns) that produce all the 20 commodities this way one trader, auto trading on Balance and another on Production can supply all these towns, and businesses with all the required commodities and that way these traders will make a profit. Then look at the next "ring" of towns - build up your empire with interlocking rings of traders.

I tend to Develop the Trading line in the Development tree as early as I can - reduce Trading Time and double cart capacity. Also improving roads and make sure you trader isn't being Plundered by Animals or Bandits - it's not always obvious they are.

Have a plan for towns on your routes and don't be afraid to demolish business you don't need and build ones you do. Also new towns it's not always best to populate all the production slots from day 1 - leave some free until you unlock that commodity in the Development tree.
Ok ThankYou You Were Really Helpful, I'm Going To Check Out Your Ideas Now!

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