Best Town To Start In?

I recently asked for help and i am quite satisfied with my answer, but in order to do this i need a good place to start any ideas?

I need a town that has lots of different commodities around it so that i can have all 20 within 5 or 6 towns...


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Well really anywhere but have a look at the image - started in London and now have a 6 town route - all 20 commodities will available. Once I get enough Development points to add 'Pomp' to Bristol. Then starting a new ring of towns in the Calais / Amiens Area.

I am having the hardest time possible trying to get started. I am most sure if it is poor luck or just the way the game works. I played through the whole campaign and then thought I would try my luck at free play. I started a small game to get a feel for it. The problem I am having is that as soon as I set up a trade route between a couple towns I start to get my trade routes attacked by bandits. So I start loosing all my goods and my on hand gold drops rapidly. I reloaded a previous save and used some money to hire 3 mercenaries (for a total of 6k which is a lot for someone starting out with nothing). I sent the mercenaries to go and fight the pikemen bandits and half way through the fight they got tired and went back to town. Now they have zero ambition to do anything and will not leave the town. I then had to disband then in hopes of hiring some more but I have no gold and no trade routes since they keep getting sacked.
Any place on the edges of the map with large spams of land (Iberia, Arabia, Russia, North Africa).
I was able to build strong empires by 1060 in all those regions, and was able to control whole Europe around the 1080s.
Just build 5 cities clusters, spam 5 settlers, new 5 cities cluster, spam 10 settlers, wash and repeat. Remember to get 2 traders for each cluster, so you can get one trader to do inside-cluster trading and another one to trade with any of the 3 neutral cities around.
Yeah, that as well. Build your clusters close to the 3 neutral cities clusters, and try to face just one competitor in the beginning (when your scout finds a competitor city, stop looking for any other).

I was even able to get an empire spawning from Nuremberg. Just got England into a peace treaty in the beginning of the game, and closed their space down to west France.

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