Merchants does not work! Warehouse Control!
Please put an option on merchants to control inventories which have warehouse!

An example of what currently happens is: You have a warehouse that collects all 20 resources to better distribute between cities, create multiple routes connecting 10 cities to this city with the warehouse and everything works perfectly.

Then, you create another block cities further, and a city also in store, and when you connect a warehouse to another, rather than the merchant to allocate resources to this new "block" can be self sustaining, the merchant only it takes the features that are unique city needs!

The merchants in this way are completely broken, there is no way to control several cities in this way and the game simply loses the grace!

Sad Sad

What is missing is a new option to cart!
One that is something like "Warehouse Control"

In case, this new option would do exactly q ue the name implies, control inventory between warehouses! This merchant would not profit, costs only!

Warehouse 1: Coal 1000 units
Warehouse 2: Coal 500 units

Then the merchant would take 250 of the city 1 and lead to the city 2, leaving the two with stock controlled in 750 units of coal!
It is a simple option but completely improve the gaming experience!
I believe that we have been left completely in the international forum ... Probably we are not consumers that are worth!

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