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just bought this game of steam and it wants a e mail and password   tried my steam e mail and password but that did not work so what fucking e mail and what fucking password dose it want and yes I'm pissedoff because I should be playing the fucking game not wasting my fucking TIME  on some fucking forum trying to find out what bullshit I need to do to play a game iv already fucking payed for   they waste no fucking time taking my money no lets see how fucking long before I can play the game
Hi NameChangeNeeded.
The Kalypso-Launcher you are mentioning is totally optional when already using Steam. So if you do not want to create an account, just press "skip" and the game will start as intended.


it launch's 2 screens 1 is the really small one that when expanded is just a black screen the other e is the bullshit list that say how shit they are and how many things they had to fix in the game it dose no say skip ANYWHERE YOU BULLSHIT ARTIST
Hello NameChangeNeeded.
Please try to download and install the following links:
If above does not work, could you as well share your system specs, such as OS+bit, CPU, GPU and RAM that we can get this sorted as well.



The best way to ensure that your system is at a proper baseline is to :-
1. Run Windows Update and install all IMPORTANT UPDATES (you can exclude KB3035583 which is the one that will offer to upgrade to Windows 10)
2. Does your system meet the requirements:-
Dungeons 2 Minimum system requirements:

   CPU: AMD or Intel, 3GHz Dual-Core or 2.6 GHz Quad-Core
   RAM: 3 GB RAM
   OS: Windows Vista (SP2) 32bit
   GPU: Intel HD4400, NVIDIA GeForce GT 440/GT 650M, AMD Radeon HD 7750/R5 255M
   Sound: DirectX 9 compatible soundcard
   ROM: 5 GB free space

Recommended system requirements:

   CPU: AMD Quad-Core @ 3.8 GHz or Intel Quad-Core @ 3.2 GHz
   RAM: 4 GB RAM
   GPU: AMD Radeon R7 265 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
   OS: Windows 7 x64 (SP1)
   ROM: SSD hard drive, 5 GB free space
   Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard

If your not sure you can checker at any number of sites - Search "Dungeons 2 system requirements checker"

3. Verify your installation on STEAM
Opening your STEAM LIBRARY
Right Click on the Game - select Properties
Select the "Local Files" TAB
Then the "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

 Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date - Check your manufacturer’s web site

 Ensure your sound card drivers are up to date - Check your manufacturer’s web site

5. You can also run SFC (System File Check) :-

If you are still getting problems or crashes - then post your DXDIAG here - in a code box

 AND send it with a brief description to KALYPSO
support. Then you have 2 chances to get help.

 Click on START
 Select RUN (This opens the RUN dialogue box)
TYPE - "dxdiag" - Click OK
This opens the DirectX diagnostic tool
If your machine has a 64-bit operating System - you will get a selection (bottom of screen) indicating "Run 64bit DXdiag
Select that -
 Click on "Save All Information" - when the SAVE box opens save contents to a name.txt file
 When you post the file use the Preview Post option and select "#" symbol - cut and paste the name.txt file after the "#"
then click on the "Close Tags" that appears at the top of Message window.

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