Excess production but there is nothing
I'm having this really odd problem with one of my towns. It has coal and metals, everything needed to produce tools, and it even says that tools are in excess, but I see nothing in stock.. how is that possible? Same town, same problem with two more items. It says they are in excess but they really arent... Any ideas? I've tried restarting the game, nothing.
It maybe that the town has no need for those items early in the game is even a very small amount of any commodity shows as an excess.
No, it says the amount is zero. It's out of stock with those items, but keeps saying it's producing excess. I was in need of tools, and it kept showing me that my town was making too much of them, but when I opened the stock, there was none... Very very weird.
any buildings in a queue, which needs tools to be build?
automated traders, which load the tools?
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Nope, everything was built , no missing materials, nothing queued. It got even weirder when it said all of the production this town was making is in excess, when there was only 1, max 2 barrels filled.
Can you post a save game. I can't look at it until the week end but I will then. Save games are in Appdata Kalypso media and then a directory starting 7nnnnnnnn

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