SOLVED -- How to install Modern Times
Like most people, I jumped through hoops installing, uninstalling, deleting registry entries, etc., trying to get Modern Times installed using everyone else's instructions.   This is how I solved the issue of installing the Modern Times add-on....your mileage may vary Wink    Thanks to Freeky at this tread for the solution.

If makes any difference, my Tropico 4 came as an Amazon download and my Modern Times was ordered as a CD-ROM.  The error I was getting when trying to install Modern Times was "You have already installed Tropico 4 1.05."

Note:  Tropico 4 comes as version 1.05.   During the installation process it prompts you to download and install the patch for it, which makes it into version 1.06.  I had downloaded/installed this patch when I was getting the error mentioned above.


1.  Install Tropico 4.  
a.  Do NOT install the Update when prompted.  This is the 1.06 patch.   It asks if you want to install it later.  Click the "Later" button.
b.  Exit the program as soon as you’ve entered your email and password.  

Note:  Unlike Freeky, I didn’t have a “Tropico 4” directory below Roaming\.....and I didn't need to delete any files or directories.  Also, for me, installing Tropico 4 creates a “Launch” directory at  C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\  which stores my email and password.   

2.   Install Modern Times.  It prompts you to install the updates for it.   You can't go any further until you click click the Install Updates click it.   These are updates specific to Modern Times.

3.  You’re prompted for your Modern Times activation code.  Enter it.

4.   It then asks if you want to download and install the update for Modern times.   This is actually the 1.06 patch you skipped at Step 1a.   You're not allowed to go any further unless you download/install it.

5.  Modern Times fires up without a hitch.

Post a reply to this thread if this solution works for you.  If this works for a lot of people, this may be the "proper" solution for everyone. 

Whether it is or not, it seems incompetent for Kalypso to:
a.   Not have instructions for installing Modern Times in their paper and .pdf manuals for the game.
b.   Not have a sticky at the top of this forum with information about how to install Modern Times. 

They've lost boat loads of current customers and return customers (for future editions)...and good will in general, due to not having clear instructions on how to install a product they're selling (i.e. Modern Times).

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