[EN] Newsletter: How do I redeem my Steam-key
Hello everybody.
In this month‘ newsletter there is a small thank you included, which is an “Imperium Romanum“ Steam-key.
Find a small guide how to redeem the Steam-Code below:
  • First go to http://store.steampowered.com/
  • On the page, click on „Install Steam“ in the bottom right of the screen and on the next screen on “Install Steam Now”
  • Now the Steam-Client will be downloaded, which is needed in order to redeem and actually play the game.
  • Install the Steam-client by following the orders on screen
  • After you have successfully installed the Steam-client, start Steam and either log in with your already existing Steam-account or simply create a new one. Both options will be available on the first window of the Steam-client
  • After successfully logging in into Steam, select in the Steam main menu the option “Games” at the top of the window and in the opening dropdown-menu select “Activate a Product on Steam”
  • Just follow the instructions until you see the redeem-option and simply use the key provided in the newsletter to you, which will end up you being proud owner of the Steam Gold-version of Imperium Romanum.
  • Now simply download and install the game via the Steam-library and there will be nothing in your path, being a glorious Emperor of Rome.

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