Problem (Dungeons)
Dear Support Team,
I bought a new licensed version of Dungeons Keeper ( After installation and activation of the game, the program asks to register user's account. In order to activate my user's account I need to receive  an email . 
The problem is that the letter isn't still in my mail and I've been waiting for a while, so I can't launch the game  without my account activation. I tried to get that letter to lots of  my emails (, but still nothing.
Could you please help me to work it out? I really like the game but unfortunately even can't register without that email confirmation.
Looking forward to your reply
Thank you for your time and attention

Best regards,
Hello Adamsevitch.
Please contact our support directly, if it comes to account and game activation problems:
Additionally the game is called "Dungeons", not Dungeon Keeper. Both are Dungeon-managment games, but there is nothing else both have in common, starting with totally different developers and publishers Wink



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