July 2016 Xbox 360 update hang/crash
Here is what we can do:

-> This is the facebook page of Tropico & Kalypso - https://www.facebook.com/KalypsoMediaInt/ & https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTropico/

Please be aware that this is not allowed and will be seen as Spamming, which is against our rules, you have accepted, when using this board and/or any other of our official platforms
cheers Unerde
The facebook account for World of Tropico sent me this message:

Please be aware that you are not allowed to post private communication between the support and you or our social media platforms as this is not allowed and a breach in data protection

I have already sent an email to support@kalypsomedia.com.

Lets try this route.
Find it funny that you blocked my messages but still there aren't any news on this issue... That is a great way to treat your clients...

Well, simple put, update us - your clients - on this issue, if you may.

Or we will be forced to try other rout, that is being refund for the price of the game and its updates.
Hello marcoreis11.
We are always busy helping as and where we can. Spamming our platforms is not the way we can sort things out properly, but will even slow down the progress.
Additionally it is no blocking, but just reminding you to follow the rules like all others around here do as well.


Hi everybody.
I just wanted to make clear that all are using the same platform and no users coming in reporting similar problems, but are on e.g. XB1 or even PC.

Nevertheless thank you @lordOz999 and @Amyporter1981 for providing more details, which are basically needed in advance.
We will have a look into this. So please stay tuned.


Are we likely to receive a refund for the downloads we have purchased and cannot use?
Hello Amyporter1981.
We are still having a look into this problem, but always open up for more details about the problem.

Nevertheless I cannot make any promises on that.
So as I am sorry to hear that you already want a refund, you have to contact Microcsoft/Xbox support in this case and to ask for a refund as we have no access to their systems at all.


You have known about this problem for over 6 weeks, if you were taking it seriously you would at least have some progress to report.
Ok so I contacted Microsoft and they have said they would make an exception and refund me for the codes. Now that is customer service.
You were lucky! I've been on Microsoft customer service chat all afternoon and they say they need a reference number for Kalypso Media in order to issue a refund.

So Unerde - will you do the right thing? You have my service ticket number.
I said I had screenshots where kalypso appear to be unable to fix the problem and they said they would make an exception. I did it over the live chat
£41.60 or something I got. I had bought waterbourne, epic meltdown and espionage
Did you buy them all recently? Microsoft refunded me for Espionage and Epic Meltdown, since I bought those recently, but not the rest of the DLC I bought last year. For those they insist I need a reference number from Kalypso.

I think Kalypso should do the right thing and issue refund reference numbers for ALL the DLC, since we cannot play any of it.
The thing that really, really burns me about all this (apart from the flippant customer service), is that I basically got taken advantage of for being a loyal, enthusiastic customer. Tropico 5 came out on the Xbox 360 AFTER the Xbox One was released. I held on to my 360 specifically so I could play Tropico 5 because I enjoy the Tropico games so much. I pre-ordered Tropico 5 from my local Gamestop. I was happy to give Kalypso Media my money.

Now Tropic 5 is out on the Xbox One and they are releasing the retooled DLC and we loyal players are just left in the dust.

I've lost track of how many people I've told about Tropico, how many friends that I've lent my Tropico 4 & 5 discs to so they can try it out - Friends who went on to buy their own copies. (Which is why I still like to get my base games as disks instead of downloads). I can't do that anymore....... not with a good conscience. Hell, I feel guilty about the thought of selling or even giving away my disk at this point - it would just be passing this headache on to someone else.
If only they would fix that update so the download content worked. I was really looking forward to playing it. I've gone back to tropico 4 and in the process of completing that again.
I know! When things are working properly it is the best game. I was so excited to see the Espionage and Meltdown content.
And Kalypso customer service is back to playing dumb and refusing to give me a reference number to take to Microsoft, even after I explained it to them twice. This is no way to treat your customers.

Why am I explaining to Kalypso customer support how Microsoft customer support works? I thought this was a reputable, well-established game company, not a couple of guys working out of a basement?!

i myself have never even played this game, but i am a regular on the xbox.com support forums. this issue has been brought to my attention, and i have seen things like this before. from my understanding there is a problem with the most recent Title Update for the game, causing it to be unplayable. it is possible to de3lete the update from your system, however this would likely prevent access to DLC and also require you to play offline. for the developers to say "there may never be a fix" is unjust and irresponsible. the best way for us to prompt them to action is to raise the issue to MS, and have them start communication with the developers. they usually take their business seriously, especially when people start demanding refunds for their purchases. if anyone is having this issue, (and i imagine everyone or at least many people do), please post in the xbox support thread linked here: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_support/xbox...53619.aspx

it may take some time for an official forum support staff member to take note and start raising the issue to the "higher ups". but i have faith that once MS starts getting into contact with the Developers, they will have no choice but to do the right thing and make a new update fixing this issue, or risk losing any chance to work with Microsoft again. (this is how you do it guys, hit em where it hurts and demand justice!)

EDIT: for people tired of waiting for a fix, and just want their money back, just keep contacting MS support by phone or live chat. tell them the situation and that Kalypso is refusing to help. there is no need for a "reference number". they may warn you that you are only eligible for a refund for ONE purchase ever per account, but i personally know they are able to make exceptions to their rules. ask to talk to a supervisor, if that doesn't work, call back and try talking to someone else. it may take some time, but if you really want your money back, (and in this situaution i can see why), they will eventually give in.
Was this issue ever resolved?  I am having the same problem.
(14-11-2016, 05:34 PM)bbekins Wrote: Was this issue ever resolved?  I am having the same problem.

Kalypso apparently doesn't care, and Microsoft changed the forums to a "brand new fancy style", which in my opinion is Terrible.  I no longer use those forums due to the changes.  they made it almost impossible to navigate.
I was just looking at the release dates for the dlc on xbox.com and it looks like the release date for the last piece of dlc "Espionage" was September of 2015. So I am assuming there was an earlier game update that all the DLC worked with. I wish there was a way I could try to use an earlier game update, instead of only being able to use the most recent one or no update. Because without the update it seems like none of the DLC will work, and with the update my game crashes in minutes before I have time to build anything.
You can delete the title update and play offline to avoid automatically downloading the newest one. However with no update you won't be able to use any DLC, so you'd have to find the next to last one and you can copy it to a USB drive. I'm sure its available on the internet someplace. I'm at work now but I'll check for it when I get home and post back.
(14-11-2016, 09:42 PM)bbekins Wrote: I was just looking at the release dates for the dlc on xbox.com and it looks like the release date for the last piece of dlc "Espionage" was September of 2015.  So I am assuming there was an earlier game update that all the DLC worked with.  I wish there was a way I could try to use an earlier game update, instead of only being able to use the  most recent one or no update.  Because without the update it seems like none of the DLC will work, and with the update my game crashes in minutes before I have time to build anything.

ok so I checked xboxunity.net, which is a site that hosts title updates for games.  they have Title Update 1 & 2 listed there, which may not be all of them.  TU1 is 112 MB, and TU2 is 156 MB.  not sure if 2 is the newest, but you can probably compare the file size of the one that currently downloads from xbox live when you start the game.  I've placed them in the correct folder structure and uploaded them for your convenience.  feel free to post back if you need any help, or just to let us know which updates enable which DLC.

TU1: https://www.sendspace.com/file/skg6p9
TU2: https://www.sendspace.com/file/p5hn6w
Looks like I'm the latest victim of this problem.

The game will crash upon character creation, and if I reload and make it into gameplay it will crash the moment I try to build anything.
The game will play without DLC and title update, but I paid for the content and it's very upsetting that it breaks the game.

Any hope for a solution to this, or do I try to beg Microsoft for a refund?
Well... due to the lack of response from the developers and discussions like this around the internet, I've successfully had my purchases refunded by Microsoft.

I recommend anyone else having this problem to try to do this.
Any updates on this issue?

Downloaded DLC on my 360 and getting same freezing issues every 20-30 minutes.
I send unerde a private message about this problem weeks ago. No response at all. Its a shame how Kalypso is treating their customers.It seems that they dont care about this problem.
I am also encountering crashes after:

- Getting all extra DLC for Tropico 5
- This caused an Xbox 360 update

The crashes were observed so far in:

- Malthesischer Tukan
- Supercomputer
- Package Waterborne

The crashes occurred either:

- On AutoSave
- In Baumenü/Builder Menu (prioe/before confirmation of a selected item)

The crashes occurred either when savegames were stored on the Harddrive or in the Xbox Cloud.
DLC is stored on HD
Game is stored on HD
Have busted out Tropico 5 after awhile and some recent DLC purchases. Its doin the same as everybody else.

Its a 360 version
digital download
us version
all dlc
freezes on autosave and regular saves
freezes shortly after the images start to distort

Love this game for stress relief, but looks like I will be waiting to I get the xbox scorpio and the xbox1 version of tropico 5.
Is any attempt being made to fix this problem? Or Kalypso, could you remove the latest update from microsoft's servers for the xbox 360 and put the previous update back on the servers? That way we can see if we can play the game with the dlc.

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