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Hi all,

I'm a high school teacher who's recently been approved to pilot an innovative elective course in the spring. It's called "Games-Based Learning," in which a class full of students (who've typically struggled with the monotony of "normal" school) will be using strategy games as the basis for improving their learning in a wide variety of subject matter (history, economics, math, science, reading, etc, etc). 

As there is no precedent for this class that I'm aware of, I need help acquiring classroom sets of the games, many of which are Kalypso Media games. For instance, I'd like to have 25 licensed copies of Tropico (the original would be fine with us). I'd also like to use Sudden Strike, Rise of Venice, Grand Ages and any other Kalypso games that would serve the afore-mentioned purpose. We have a very limited budget, so we're limited to older versions of games. Free copies with the promise that we'll promote anyone who provides them would be ideal; this class could make some real waves in the education world, and I'm perfectly willing to write grant proposals, share syllabus, provide proof of the work we're doing, etc. But I need help starting the process. Thank you to anyone who can provide advice or direction. 

Caesar Campana
English Teacher
Murphy High School
Murphy, North Carolina 28906

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