Poll: Should Japan be added to main game??
Yes, add them.
No, they suck.
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Where is Japan? They were part of every other SS game and now left out of SS4? The pacific theatre has always been one of the bloodiest in WW2 and if you're leaving Japan out you're not staying true to the series. Please tell me it will come out in DLC later on.. Ie SS4 pacific expansion.

Not too late to add them in.
I think there will be waaay better scenarios (at western front)!
Hi everybody.
Sudden Strike 4 will on release purely focus on the European theatre of war.
With Sudden Strike 4, we are attempting to recreate the largest tank battles of WW2; from the Ardennes to Prokhorovka, advanced AI behaviour, lots of tactical intricacies and dynamic weather.

As we are currently focusing only on the game towards release there is absolutely nothing that can be said about any possible DLCs at all.



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