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11th of August 2017

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What will I get, when pre-purchasing the game via Steam?
As a lot of you are asking, what Sudden Strike 4 will come along when pre-purchasing, so please find below a small list, what you will get, when pre-purchasing Sudden Strike 4 on Steam (all marked with a * you will get instant access to. Everything else will be available on launch/release of the game):
  • Sudden Strike 1-3 for Steam*
    Play the previous entries of Sudden Strike, now via Steam!
  • Digital Soundtrack (on release)
  • Digital Artbook (on release)
  • Kursk DLC (on release)
  • 15% discount on the regular price*

What is Sudden Strike 4?
Sudden Strike 4 is the latest entry in the beloved tactical real-time strategy series, depicting historically authentic battles from World War 2. Storm the beaches of Normandy, lead your tanks into the Ardennes and defend Moscow in three action-packed campaigns, playing as the Allied, German and Soviet forces respectively, taking on your foes in massive multiplayer matches with up to eight other players!

What are Sudden Strike 4’s main features?
  • Three campaigns
  • Over 20 missions based on historical events
  • Choose from nine different commanders, each with their own special skills
  • Command more than 100 authentic units including the Königstiger tank, the Katyusha rocket launcher and the Hawker Typhoon fighter plane
  • Pit yourself against other commanders in the massive competitive multiplayer mode
  • Modding support and Steam Workshop integration (initially for Windows PC only)

What platforms will Sudden Strike 4 release on?
PlayStation 4, Windows PC, MAC, Linux.

When will Sudden Strike 4 release?
Q2 2017 across all platforms simultaneously.

Who is developing Sudden Strike 4?
Sudden Strike 4 is developed by Kite Games in Budapest, Hungary. The team consists of 23 employees working on Sudden Strike 4 itself, almost all of of whom were part of the now-closed Stormregion Studios, makers of Codename Panzers and Joint Task Force. In addition, the team was once part of the Crytek family as Crytek Budapest, where they worked on parts of the Crysis series and Ryse: Son of Rome.

What engine does Sudden Strike 4 use?
Sudden Strike 4 uses the Unity 3D engine.

What timespan does Sudden Strike 4 cover?
Sudden Strike 4 features crucial main battles of the Second World War in Europe, from the attack on Poland in 1939 to the fall of Berlin in 1945.

Will Sudden Strike 4 feature a multiplayer mode?
Definitely! Sudden Strike 4 delivers full, simultaneous, old-school multiplayer. Up to 8 players will be able to play together in the multiplayer section of Sudden Strike 4, either cooperatively against AI, or against each other competitively. There will be fictional maps, as well as historical scenarios. We plan to give as much freedom to players as possible, with extensive customization features for each match (winning conditions, modifiers, etc) providing a platform for quick deathmatches as well as longer, more challenging contests.

Will there also be a physical version?
Yes, Sudden Strike 4 will also be released as a physical retail product at most major retailers, on both PC and PS4. The details will be fleshed out closer to release.

Is Sudden Strike 4 a pure sequel? A reboot? A remake? Or something else?
Naturally, we are aiming to revive the series with Sudden Strike 4, but it is a full-fledged and completely new entry in the series – not a remake. We are looking to Sudden Strike 1 and 2 for inspiration, and will be evolving the gameplay from that core experience.

Will there be any kind of base building element?
No. The Sudden Strike series is best described as real time tactics. There is no base building – you need to act cleverly with the units you are given. On some occasions you will get reinforcements, and in multiplayer you will be able to ‘hold’ some buildings, like train stations and airfields, that let you call in reinforcements. But other than that, there is no base building.

Will the environment and weather conditions have any effect on gameplay?
Weather will have an effect on the environment, which will affect gameplay. For example, rain will turn whole areas of the map into mud, which drastically alters the movement capabilities of vehicles, while deep snow will also have an effect on manoeuvrability.

How does the tactical reward system work?
Sudden Strike 4 employs an intricate system that constantly checks whether the player does tactically savvy things. The system will detect if the player uses encirclement tactics, hits enemy tanks on weak armour spots, sets up ambushes, uses special skills like grenades, mines and smoke effectively or hits enemies perfectly with air strikes. For each well-used tactic, the player is instantly awarded badges and bonus points that multiply the final mission score.

With this system in place and the minute-to-minute rewards for clever tactics, we want to teach the player which actions lead to victory - on the fly. He will still be able to complete the mission with barely doing any clever tactics. But the star system, the reward badges and the complete list of tactical clever things he did at the end of the mission will lead him to understand the mission better and gain more out of it in the next run. And with unlocking more special skills, he will be able to give a whole new spin on missions. We want the player to always feel rewarded for good playing, not punished for bad playing.

Additionally, if the player manages to reach the highest possible final score, he unlocks special challenges for that mission. A challenge might for example be to complete the mission with vehicles that only have 20% fuel at the beginning of the mission. Each mission will have two special challenges.

What characters will be playable in Sudden Strike 4? How will the generals system work?
In all three campaigns, the player will incorporate an anonymous officer. For every mission, the player can decide for one of three generals whose strategies he wants to follow. Each general has a specialization. In the allied campaign, those are Patton (Armor), Montgomery (Infantry) and Bradley (Support). The better the player completes missions, the more points he gets to spend on tactic upgrades for those generals. He may choose to unlock extra APCR ammunitions, speed boost upgrades or foxhole tactics for example. These additional tactical options will incentivise the player to re-play missions and see them in a new light.

How is the story told in Sudden Strike 4?
Sudden Strike 4 employs adaptive storytelling. After each mission, the player’s character will write into a diary about his experiences. Diary entries will then change depending on which general’s tactics the player uses, how well they did in battle, how many units were lost and the overall progress of the war itself. These variables result in a deep storyline that feels different every time you play!

What languages will be available in Sudden Strike 4?
At the moment, we are planning to support
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • [NEW]Simplified Chinese
  • [NEW]Traditional Chinese
  • [NEW]Korean localization.

    The English, German and Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese versions will also have voiceover, at the very least.
    One feature of Sudden Strike 4 is that players will be able to decide whether they want each unit to speak their native language, or the language the player is playing the game in. For example: A player may own the game in English but may choose to have all Russian troops answer in Russian, both on his team and the enemy team. Or he may choose to have both his own troops and enemy troops reply solely in English.

    Is cross-platform multiplayer (PC vs. PS4) planned?
    Not currently, no.

    What quality and performance level are you aiming for with Sudden Strike 4?
    On PC, the game should run on 60 FPS in 4k resolution with a capable system (Nvidia 980 Ti). Without optimization, we are already near that threshold. On PS4, we are aiming for continuous 30 FPS gameplay. There will be no framerate cap on PC, of course!

    FAQ UPDATE 03.11.2016:

    Will the shooting ranges for tanks be more realistic in terms of distance, in the final game?
    The shooting ranges that are currently in the game are adjusted to gameplay and map design.
    They serve to give more feedback and overview to the player. Even though they are not realistic as such (no 2km shooting range, etc.) they are equivalent, meaning a Tiger's 88mm gun will shoot further than a Panzer 3's 75mm one.
    However, we are currently experimenting with more realistic shooting ranges. First results show that while it may not work for all situations, it actually increases the impact of infantry for scouting, etc.
    In addition, we want to point out that we will be providing full access to all unit values (name, speed, shooting range, armament, armor, etc.) via a basic interface for the modding tools that will be available at release. As a result, the modding community will be able to create realistic shooting ranges for mods and multiplayer maps if they want.*

    Will there be more units, such as in Sudden Strike 1 and 2 with thousands of units?
    Unfortunately the old Sudden Strike games are not comparable with Sudden Strike 4 (2D vs 3D, etc.).
    Also, the maps with thousands of units that a lot of you remember are mostly community made maps, not campaign missions of the old main games. In addition, what we have shown so far of the game, Stalingrad for example, are portions of the game that require close combat with limited forces. For the base game, we will not take thousands of units into account for Sudden Strike 4 for performance and gameplay reasons. The bigger maps in the campaign, however, will have several hundreds of units available.

    We would like the community to know that we will not be putting any hard-coded limits to the unit count into the editor. If that is what a Modder wants to do, they can certainly create maps with thousands of units. The only restriction to that will be the computing power of the Modder’s computer and of the computers that the mod will be played on. We cannot make any promises if mods will work on normal PCs (essentially, because we did not make them ourselves) but we will not artificially restrict the modders possibilities in this part of the modding tools.

    Will there be larger maps than those shown in the footage so far?
    This is a similar discussion to that of the unit count above. The giant maps that are available for Sudden Strike 1 and 2 are community-made, not campaign mission maps from the original game. We love those maps. They provide great backdrops for multiplayer matches. Again though, the maps of Sudden Strike 1 and 2 are not really comparable to Sudden Strike 4 (different tile sizes, etc.).
    For the base game of Sudden Strike 4, we are aiming for maps up to 1x1km in size. It enables us to create interesting maps where all or a lot of the space on the map is filled with interesting encounters and decisive battles. Making the tile size bigger to artificially enlarge the battlefield, say 2x2m, would alter the way that elements such as terrain are presented in the game, which in this instance would make it harder to portray heights and their effect on vehicles. So that is why we opted for these sizes.

    That said, we might be able to find ways of accommodating larger maps in the editor for modding purposes, but even so maps larger than 1x1km in size will not be available in the main game.

    Which features will the modding tools have? What will I be able to do with them?
    Modders will be able to create maps for skirmish and multiplayer.
    They can create these maps with basically the same tools on the basis of the Unity engine that the developers use. They can place all props, buildings, vegetation and units that are in the game.
    They will be able to create scripts for these maps (if player A conquers point B, send 15 Tiger tanks to point C, etc.) and they will be able to insert text outputs for the missions.
    It will also be possible to link a series of maps to create scenarios with mission descriptions for each mission.

    There will be no constraints on the sizes of the maps or the number on units on modder-created maps, provided that the modder’s PC can handle the workload.

    Modders can also freely alter the values of any unit, like name, speed, armor, shooting ranges, etc. However, you will not be able to upload new units or alter the in-game models. This is done for several reasons, including legal issues.
    We will also try to create a template map project with scripts and text outputs, so that modders can see first-hand how they should go about creating a mod.
    Mods will be shareable via the Steam Workshop.

    Will there be an option to disable the projectile trails?
    The trails are only visible in the viewing range of the player's units and serve to give feedback to players. Where approximately does a projectile come from? What projectile is it? How big/small is it? How fast is it? All of these things are physically calculated in Sudden Strike 4 and all players (not only newcomers to RTS-games) will find this information very helpful when playing through the game.
    However, we have received some feedback about this and as a result will introduce an option to turn off the trails completely, for a more realistic scenario.

    Will there be a pause function, like in previous/other RTS-games?
    Yes, there will be a pause function. You will be able to stop the game, move the camera and give orders in pause mode. This option will not be available in multiplayer mode.

    Will there be camera zoom options in Sudden Strike 4?
    We experimented with a lot of different zoom levels during development. The zoom level we have currently implemented, is the one we feel works best for the game. So for gameplay and also performance reasons, we will not be changing the zoom level in Sudden Strike 4.

    In some footage there was also an airplane – will we be able to have more control over aircraft?
    There have been a lot of experiments with airplanes and airfields in the early stages of development of Sudden Strike 4, however none of the variants we tested were satisfying in terms of visuals or gameplay.

    Will there be naval units in Sudden Strike 4?
    The various campaigns of Sudden Strike 4 will focus on the European theatre of World War 2.
    Scenarios like D-Day will feature landing crafts both for infantry and vehicles.

    Why is there no Japanese faction in Sudden Strike 4?
    Sudden Strike 4 focuses on the European theatre of World War 2 for now. There are no plans for a Japanese faction at this point.

    Will the wrecks of destroyed units stay on the battlefield?
    At the moment, wrecks stay on the battlefield and will be destroyed if other tanks, etc. drive over/through them.

    Will there be indicators such as fuel and ammo next to each unit, in addition to the health bar (like in Sudden Strike 2)?
    Yes, there are indicators that show ammo/fuel levels. If a unit is (nearly) out of fuel/ammo it will get a special indicator and audio feedback. In addition, the exact amount of remaining fuel and ammo can be seen in the detail window of each unit at the bottom of the screen, whilst selected.
    However, we do not want to display it next to each unit at all times.

    There are quite a few UI elements (blue objective circles, lifebars, etc.) visible in the current footage. Are we able to disable those completely?
    Those in-game UI elements serve to give crucial feedback and information to the player. However, we’re aware that many of you like playing with as much realism and immersion as possible. So with that in mind, we will provide an option to turn off all in-game UI elements.

    Will you implement formations?
    Yes, we are planning to implement formations.
    We will update you with further details later in the development process.

    -> Formations can be set by holding the move button and arranging the “ghost” icons for the units in the way that they should arrange in formation.

    The reward badges that pop up quite often during gameplay are sometimes confusing and/or irritating. Can those be disabled via option as well?
    These badges serve to inform players, especially those that are not that experienced in tactical games, about good tactics and give them feedback on their playstyle.
    However, if you do find them distracting, you can turn them off in the options menu.

    Will you implement waypoints into the game?
    Yes, in fact the waypoint system is already implemented!
    Players will be able to give waypoints to units, telling them specifically which direction to go in, and in which steps.

    Will there be lasting and more realistic smoke effects on the battlefield?
    We will be “polishing” and adding further battle effects. However, we are being careful not to break gameplay with too many effects.

    Will there be ammunition depots/boxes in Sudden Strike 4?
    We are not planning ammo boxes at the moment. But there will be ammo depots that work similarly to the ammunition trucks in the game.

    How do AI controlled units determine what unit to shoot first?
    The AI uses an intricate threat system to determine which enemy unit to shoot first. A tank for example will try to shoot enemy tanks and PAKs (Anti-Tank Guns) first, disregarding most of the infantry as a secondary threat. But if there is a Panzerfaust soldier among the infantry, that unit will get a higher threat level.

    Why is it not possible to run over infantry with tanks in Sudden Strike 4?
    Players will be able to run over infantry units with vehicles in Sudden Strike 4, but it has not implemented in the gamescom/PAX build.
    However, attempting to run over infantry does pose some risk to the vehicle as well – infantry are able to scatter, are more flexible and quick to turn. So they may be able to use grenades and other anti-tank weapons to take down a vehicle that attempts to run them over.

    How will multiplayer work in Sudden Strike 4?
    Sudden Strike 4 will feature classic multiplayer. Basically, every map has flag points (similar to the beloved zeppelins) that players will be able to conquer. As long as a player holds a flag point, they will earn ‘income’. With this income, you can order reinforcements from specific points on the map that also need to be conquered (these will be train stations in most instances). Reinforcements will have a price depending on their power, with a simple soldier being less expensive than a Tiger tank, for example. This way, it is always possible a player to turn the tide of battle.

    Additionally, players will be able to choose a specific general before they start a match. Skills, starting units and reinforcement possibilities will all vary depending on which general a player chooses. For example, in addition to base starting units, a German support commander might get an additional Wespe while the German tanks commander might get a Tiger1 from the start. The tank commander may not be able to purchase Tiger tanks at the train station, but will have different units available to purchase. Basic units will be available to all commanders. Players will be able to set up a variety of rules and modifiers at the start of each match, and there will be statistics after each battle. There will not be an unlock/upgrade player profile system like in e.g. some multiplayer-shooters on the market.

    Will Steam players be able to play multiplayer against players?
    Yes. As we use unity-servers for matchmaking, and Steam players will be able to play against, or with each other.

    Will everybody and every system be able to use the game’s modding tools?
    Modding will only be available and supported for Steam and only for Windows PCs. Nevertheless players might for sure be able to mod on Linux and/or Mac, but we cannot give any guarantees, nor will it be supported.

    Will it be possible to mod the game on other OS?
    Mac and Linux-users on Steam will be able to mod the game. As mods will be shared via Steam Workshop, mods can still be applied. We just cannot guarantee and we do not officially support the modding tools for those systems.
    PlayStation 4 and will not be able to mod the game, as we are using Steam Workshop for the easiest and fastest distribution of mods among and between the Sudden Strike 4 community.

    Additionally, players who are modding the game should be made aware of that modding will always be at own risk.
    Our devs and technical support cannot support modded games any further.
    So if you are having problems playing a modded game, it is always recommended to bring back the game to its classic/”vanilla” state and/or getting in touch with the creator of the mod.

    How do I access the modding tools? What are the prerequisites?
    The modding tools are implemented as a separate “tool” project on Steam. You will find it in your library under the “tools” section as a unique download called “Sudden Strike 4 – Editor”. Once you download and start it, it will prompt you with a launcher window that lets you extract all files needed to mod Sudden Strike 4. In fact, it will unpack a Unity Editor project to mod the game. This means that you will need to download the free Unity editor and make a Unity account to mod Sudden Strike 4. Please note that you need to use Unity 5.5.4 (not the most up to date one). You can download it from the link in the launcher directly or from this link: The launcher will also link to a quickstart guide to get you into the intricacies of the editor. Feel free to post your questions into the Steam Forums of course.

    Where do I find my preorder exclusive items?
    The Battle for Kursk map is automatically added to your game. You will find it in the Skirmish menu. The soundtrack is downloaded into the directory you installed the game in in the folder “soundtrack”. The artbook will be downloaded to your main install directory as a PDF.

    This FAQ will be constantly updated, so stay tuned!
    For more questions and feedback of any kind, feel free to post or even create a thread in the Sudden Strike Community Hub.
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List of Steam pre-purchase bonuses, including Sudden Strike 1-3 Steam pre-purchase bonus!
Changed Release date.
As you can see one point has been removed (strike through).
This is an feature that was removed from the game, as it did not work well during many testsessions and with other mechanics and therefore was not fully implemented and will not in the final game.

So most important additions:
  • Added additional supported languages:
    Simplified Chinese localization
    Traditional Chinese localization
    Korean localization
  • Added additional voiceover languages:
    Simplified Chinese
  • Added three new paragraphs:
    - Multiplayer against players
    - Every system be able to use the game’s modding tools
    - Possibility to mod the game on other OS
  • Edited some minor wording/grammar. Also changed some descriptions slightly, marked with strikethrough-text

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