tropico 6: what would you like t see in tropico 6
Well from what I have seen a few peoples have quite good ideas of what should be added to tropic 6 (if it is developed).
These are a few ideas of my own and some from other people:
1. The ability to control the fate of political party’s: what kind of dictator would you be if you couldn’t order the arrest of known communist/ capitalist sympathisers. How this idea could work is by giving you the ability of promoting your political agenda by using state run media or running down political ideologies, also by allowing your favourite group the ability to form an extreme group who harass or kill your enemy’s (the way that could work: if you allow the communist faction to start an extremist group you can choses if they are allowed the harass people, kill people or even start a riot which you can choses  to suppress or support ( the riot will not be opposing your government).
2. The ability to send the police as well as the army to suppress a protest (only available if at least one police station has a riot police upgrade).
3. I have never seen a riot in any tropico I think it would be cool if political factions could organise riots which would be like protests but the protesters damage buildings.
4. I’ve always wounded how do the rebels get their guns and bombs and where is their hideout, maybe the rebels are being funded by the USA or the USSR and maybe their main hideout is in a house just across the road from your presidential palaces, well with this idea you can beat the rebels by dismantling them cell by cell by infiltrating them and raiding their hideouts and intercepting arms shipments meant for the rebels each action wakening them bit by bit.
5. More resources: such as being able to grow (and make) weed and other drugs to ship to other countries and to sell domestically if its legalized, different drugs can effect different entertainment buildings such as weed boosting the taverns and beach sites and LSD (and others) boosting the night clubs.
6. The ability to customises military uniforms, come on don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to do that.
7. Different religious buildings such as a Mosque, synagogue, Gurdwara, and a Mandiram.
8. Utility’s, we already have power why can’t we have water and choses if the people have to pay for utilities or if the government provide for the people for free.

Ok theses some of the things I would love to see in tropico 6, also pleases comment and add some suggestion’s.
Peace out everyone Smile Smile Smile

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re points 1 to 4: those would mean a complete change to the game, which is far more about building and happiness than fighting.

5.You can, if you wish, allow drugs via an edict. Surely only a tiny minority would even consider sending Tropico on the same road as Colombia or Afghanistan? But other commodities seem possible: rubber, citrus fruit, spices?

6. There is no point in customising uniforms, any more than there is now in giving El Presidente a McWig. In play, such things do not show up unless you zoom in so far that you cannot make any gameplay decisions.

7. No. One religion is plenty.

8. Why stop at water? Sewage, road maintenance, gas?
My additional suggestions, will update if I find more but I have been playing for a limited time:

1) You can get invaded but you can't invade. Adding an invading option would be cool to be able to take over other nations and slam your fist of rule down on them in exchange for research points or forced import/export opportunities.

2) AI for battles seems weak. They go to targeted buildings. They should target rebels/invaders instead of just waiting at a targeted location.

3) Better hints for policy/constitution/build decisions. Early on this seems to work alright but more end game it becomes harder. May or may not want to include this as I enjoyed the trial and error in the decision making but it would be nice to get end game hints that are more beneficial. 

4) I think the resource allocation is good and makes a nice challenge in end game. So I think that this is ok as it is but maybe in some decision making targeting the user so they can get some hints for imported goods. I think the biggest challenge I faced was managing imported goods at end game. Big example here was power.

5) More diverse opportunities. Economic and political opportunities seem to be very repetitive. It is easy to plan for these in some cases. For example having a regime member associated with a Cathedral was a very repetitive opportunity for me.

6) Upgrades to palace and military buildings. For example the fort becomes an outdated looking building. It could use an upgrade as well as the barracks. 

Will update as I continue my Tropico 5 Adventure Smile
Some things i would like
1) I would like to see the map as many scattered islands ( not just a boring blob of land)
2) Bridges to connect the islands ^^. Plus more road options, like a highway ( to minimize traffic jams)
3) I would prefer the nights to be rather dark. Tropico would look awesome at night if they put streetlights, lights from homes and buildings.
4) Waterborne items should be able to be placed in rivers / lakes..not just in oceans.
Above all, I hope that the Almanac in T6 works properly. In T5 the total population never matches the breakdowns, the students shown seem to be the total since the first High School was opened (and who are they?), and so on and on. The latest weirdness I have noticed is that apparently I have exported more bauxite than I have produced, imported none, and so expect a loss. Whoever programmed this ought to go back to school and learn elementary arithmetic.
Why stop at water? Sewage, road maintenance, gas?

1.instead of storing everything randomly in the docks all products and everything goes to a new unit called Main Storage and when a ship comes the player controls that what to export and keeping what other thing in the storage. with this option player can control the price of products and have better import and exports.
2.Players decides that what percentage of raw material directly exported and what percentage kept to get formed in other type of products
3.until now military units used only for defending against rebels and invasions. if a feature can be added to game so players can invade other nations it would be very interesting.
4.Players can only have sovereign would be great to have the power of lending money to other countries and getting paid back with interest.
5.exporting Power and energy to other countries is a very interesting option.
6.paying a fair penalty for not executing the contracts correctly is a good motive .
I would certainly not like to have the drug mess introduced into Tropico. 
If it can't be helped, then also a play against streetdrugs and their pushers and drug labs must be introduced as well as a facility to get people off drugs. 
The phenomenon of streetdrugs destroys the social fabric and mental health of a society although some 'mentally challenged' tend to not understand that and therefore don't care. 
I advise everyone to ask themselves what the real intentions are of their drugpushers.
1. Definitely NO drugs. Even the present "legalised substances" edict is a big step in the wrong direction.
2. Other crops: perhaps citrus fruit, and spices, which are well suited to a tropical country. Rubber ?
3. Fix the Army. Tanks and APCs should move faster than walking speed; squads on their way along roads should march as a squad, not a loose rabble; when exploring, they should take a more direct line rather than follow roads around three sides of a rectangle when it's shorter to go direct. Rangers on auto are the most timid explorers imaginable, as they are unwilling to go more than a dozen tiles into unknown terrirory, and they should certainly not be able to cross bays and climb unusable cliffs to get to highlands inaccessible to anything else.
4. Ships: there is no point in naming freighters, and trade ships should get unique names (currently I have three trade ships exporting cars to Russia and all three are named "Maggie")
5. Trucks would be more colourful if their load-covers identifired their loads, e.g. white for milk and cheese, red for iron and bauxite, lime green for uranium, and so on. Even better if, with the game paused, clicking on a truck brought up its starting point and destination, shown by nice big arrows.
6. More variety of buildings, especially "handed" versions. As things are, an estate of apartments lokks very similar to the monotonous grey blocks os Soviet construction. And why be so fussy about uneven terrain ? Back in Tropico 3 a building automatically levelled the groung beneath it, and plantations cheerfully spread up hillsides. Also, show a grid when placing any building.
7. A couple of suggested new buildings: an Apothecary (or Herballist) to provide a little health care in Colonial times, and a Cinema (movie theatre) during the Cold War, a period in which "going to the flicks" was absolutely the most common way of getting entertainment in those days.
8. IMPORTANT - something similar to DarthPresidente's "Resource Manager" mod, so that one could control (among lots of other things) what goods went in and out of which dock.
9. It would be very useful to have a built-in Map Editor, in Sandbox, similar to that in the Mission Editor available now if you have the Steam version of T5. Not necessarily with the ability to set up your own mission, and if indeed such a facility is provided then make it simple and eay to understand. And let's have more usable land on the islands, not half-covered in pretty but useless mountains.
10. I say again, FIX THE **(^££&& ALMANAC.
1. More crops. Bring back Papaya's. And add, as others suggested, rubber, spices and other tropical fruits, like citrusses or mangoes.
2. More faction leaders. (I believe I've said this on facebook at one time to Penultimo) The great thing about Tropico 4 was that you were often "talking" to many people. All internal factions and all international allies/players had a different person who would come to El Prez to press their issues and that would exclude all the campaign-personalities. In 5, you mostly talk to Penultimo, Lord Oaksworth and miss Vasquez, and only occasionally to miss Veneno? or campaign personalities.
3. Have the radio-broadcasts be done by 2 people again. Lulu was okay, but a lot less fun than the banter between Penultimo and Sunny in Tropico 4, especially with the occasional interuption/interview with the other personalities. Penultimo and Sunny seemed a lot more involved with the goings-on on your island, as opposed to Lulu's comments from the sidelines.
4. Bring back election-speeches. They were a lot of fun and a more involved way of electioneering than building up your island and hoping your people would like it.
5. A way to set raw resources to be brought to processing facilities or stockpiles, instead of exporting them.
6. A way to forcefully employ people. I hate it when my factories have to run on only a few employees, while there are plenty educated people either unemployed or doing other less satisfactory and lesser paying jobs. Fired people often go work at just about everything except the factories I want fully staffed.
all of those are great ideas! Especially the one of the multiple islands. on the same map.
I have been playing Tropico 5 for many hours now and have come to grips with some imperfections although I found Tropico 5 one of the most fun games in its field.
There is good balance between play and AI-management.
As to improvements, if anything, I found the game rather wanting in the military area as some other commenters have noticed, too.
1. I would like to have some kind of military management. I found that I could have won over rebels and invaders by general military tactics and strategy but was unable to steer or manage anything, even though I had it set up right. That is no fun and very unrealistic.
2. I would like to be able to station troops and tanks where I prefer and sail military ships to where I want. I have not seen any ariforce. Helicopters would do nicely.
3. To have more than one island to attend to, would be wonderful.
4. To be able to conquer other islands, would make the game very interesting if done smartly, i.e. with smart opposition from the AI. The best example may be the old Rise of Nations/ Thrones and Patriots, for clues.
5. I found that there is not much one can do about dealing with other nations. It would be more fun to be able to negociate trade and alliances, or to outsmart them or something. It is very passive as it is. "Praise" is a bit childish. And trades seem to be on offer randomly which is a bit odd.
I was gonna say have upgrades to the grocery store to serve more people. But if I remember correctly in Tropico 4 there was an option to have a large supermarket? Odd that it didn't make it to T5.
I got 282 hours with Tropico 4, 2 hours with Tropico 5, therefore I want more Tropico 4, more micromanagement, more buildings, bigger everything, more commerce, trade routes, diverse economy, look at Pharaoh, Caesar, Cities Skylines, older Tropico.

Tropico 5 was less of that, there was less micromanagement, less buildings, less to do and less to construct, even multiplayer was about destructing instead of building.

Also road types, dirt, highways, avenues with trees, sidewalks, roads are broken, traffic jams are common and there's a low road limit.

Tropico 4 is great make it bigger and more diverse, more resources, more job types, more ways to handle salaries, etc.
I wish developers would listen to any of this.
Hi everybody.
Just head to the newly opened Tropico 6 board, have a look into the new E3-Trailer, and into the FAQ!



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