First PR3 AAR
Greeting to all the lovely people of this community! 
I really loved this game and so far it's the best trading simulator I've tried (I didn't try Patrician IV  Big Grin  But even If I'll do I don't think I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed PR3) I'm wondering why it's not that much familiar in steam. 
But anyway I would like to share my joy with other gamers and so ... 
I'm going to make an AAR (After Action Report) about this game .... so far nobody did that! 
I'm really wondering ... I mean there is hundreds of stories that can be built up on this game 
But anyway I'll try my best to make the first AAR of this game as much exiting and attracting as possible.
My AAR will start with the trader campaign and then will continue with the free mode after finishing the trading campaign. 
The story will contain a lot of external scenes which is not from the game to create excitement  and make the story far more interesting than a normal walk-through. 
The AAR will include screenshots from the game and perhaps some external images. 
I will be posting my AAR in this forume and I will mirror post in the steam discussions of Port Royale 3 as well, but it won't be with photos there

Before I start the AAR I shall clarify two points: 
-I'm not a native English speaker so excuse me if you found some grammar mistakes or poor choice of words, but I'll try my best to avoid that.
-Don't count on regular updates as I have a lot of other jobs and writing takes quite a long time from me so apologize for that as well  Sad  

Hope that you will all enjoy it and hope to hear your AAR's as well  Wink
Chapter 1: Survival 
01 Sep 1561

Dear Diary,
It's been a long time since I got a chance to have a pen and start writing my diaries again.
And Here we go!  
I used to note down each and every detail about my life and experience, unfortunately I lost them all. 
After 5 months of the most horrible experience in my life, I'm finally safe to write these words and tell the world about my unbelievable experience.
My blood is still hot but yet I can breath, I never Imagined I will face all of that in a couple of months. 
My Home, God how much I missed it, Spain, Andalusia, and my beautiful home city Cadiz!
My name is David De Cadiz, The only son to one of the richest families in Cadiz, I have another name but, Well..  that's another long story I will tell it later on.

[Image: Bustling city of Cadiz

I was born in May 1535. My father noticed my intelligence from a young age and thus, he encouraged me to read about everything: history, science, literature, philosophy, and even religion. 
I grew up as an educated and a wise guy and my father started to depend on me to manage his business and there I learned the basics of trading.
Everything was fine but before I was able to start my real part in life and deliver my pure messages of goodness and peace to the small societies around me, I was stab backed by one of my closer friends who incited the governor and his guards against me and my family and from that point everything went wrong until now!
One day when I was back from my trading journey to Cordoba I haired a noise in the city square, Before I was able to recognize what's going on, I found myself surrounded by the royal guards! and from there the escape journey has started! 
I ran into one of them and surprisingly pushed him to ground and from that side I ran like a crazy fellow trying to use the best of my skills I trained already, luckily I found a horse on my way, I mounted the horse and went away .. far away .. from the guards, from the city, and from my whole old life! 
I went to Gibraltar, I was shocked there where I discovered that my own father and mother died burning at that horrible day and that the guards were trying to do the same for me before I ran way and now I'm wanted in all of Spain!
Silently in the night I headed toward the port and boarded a trading ship where I hided myself within the cargo store. 
I haired from the sailors the next day that the ship is going to sail to the new world! 
And there another story begins! ..... I didn't know by that time whether to be happy because I escaped the certain death or to be sad because I lost my dear family, my home, everything and I'm leaving my whole life to a new unpredictable one!  
After a few days of sailing I showed myself to the sailors, they were amazed on how I was able to hide myself all of that period with the cargo but they welcomed me and calmed me down assuring that I'm far away from danger and that the new world will be a safe place for me.
But what a lucky man I'm?! Few days later, a Barbary pirate brig attacked us trying to stole everything, I was forced to fight with the crew, luckily we managed to flee them, but after heavy casualties including myself, I was injured during that fight but the others took care of me after the battle.   
The accidents didn't even stopped here but rather developed much more! ... After 2 months of sailing and briefly before we reached to the new world the ship suffered a severe damage from a strong hurricane, The ship weren't strong enough to stand against such a storm and thus it got destroyed and all the sailors felt into water. Many has tried to survive the storm with whatever wood remains of the ship they can find, But Alas! ... nobody survived, I was the only one who stood against the storm depending on a shipwreck until the storm has stopped. 

Struggling to survive

I struggled too much, How many days I can swim before I reach to any land?! I don't know even where I'm heading! and once at a moment, I felt that everything has finished and I'm going to die .... 
But again hope proves to be stronger! After a days of swimming I found a trading ship seems to be heading toward the new world, Luckily they saw me and rescue me right before the moment when I was about to die!  
There in the new ship I got a long rest, and after I got up I met an old man - Pedro de vigas who is the Spanish viceroy commercial attache - who was from my own city of Cadiz who left the city long time ago to find his opportunity in the new world, we both were very happy to meet each other. I told him my story (without mentioning that me and my family were wanted) and he showed me sympathy me and promised to give me all supports required to settle up and star a new life in the new world. 

Meeting Pedro De Vega aboard

Only one day after we reached to the great city of Port Royale.

The Viceroy city of Port Royale

For an instant I though I'm back at home! This city really reminded me of Cadiz, but it is fresher and it is full of life, it has much more opportunities for everybody who has great dreams and goals.
Pedro de vigas proves to be really gracious, he provided me a small house to stay until I rest after the long journey and gave me a good amount of money of 30000 Reals , further more he gave me one of his ships -a brig- to start my trading journey and build up my business again. When I asked him: why this much of generosity? he said that he's an old man now and not able to use all of his ships, but rather if he give them for a good guy like me he will be much happier, Also he has a lot of other works with the viceroy. 
And here I start again .... A new opportunity has arisen in the sky, and so I have to forget the past with all its good and bad and focus on my future ..... 
Tomorrow I will head to my first trading journey in the new world to Port Au prince - an English port - and so I have to stop here and get some rest before the journey. I'll write more when I get back. 
to be continued .... 

Notation: Sorry for the long post and the bulk of words without that much of images and that's simply because it's a prequel to the story.
All of the next chapters will be with less amount of words and with much more screenshots. so please keep calm and wait for the next chapter 

Gameplay Notes:
No much to say so far 
I have chosen to play trading campaign, this is the personal panel:
Hope you enjoyed the first part, I'll post the second one as soon as i finish it 
I'm really eager to hear your opinion about the first part so kindly give me your feedback whether you enjoyed the story or not. 
Thank You All!
Chapter:2 The Ship's boy 
12 Sep 1561
Dear Diary, 
Twelve days has passed since the last time I wrote. And a lot has happened indeed.
At the first of September I sailed with my new ship and my new crew in our first trip in the Caribbean to the English city of Port-au-Prince.
The city was not far from Port Royale and we've made it in almost half a day, but the trip was enjoyable as it is the first time I'm sailing in the Caribbean. Here, the ocean water is purer and the weather is awesome and you will find a lot of small islands here and there. 
in this trip also I got to know about my crew. they weren't a lot. 21 adventurers from Port Royale who are eager and ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of keeping this ship afloat! and for that I paid them a good salary and promised them a good share of the profits I will gain each month.The captain 'Juan Rodriguez' was a skillful sailor who has been in charge of Pedro de Vega ship's for 2 years. He was really dependable fellow. 
Whenever we reached to Port-au-Prince I headed up immediately to the market where I made my first deal in the Caribbean. I sold all the 20 rum barrels I had in the ship for quite a good price of 6,680 Reals. 
The  small stream divide the English city of Port-au-Prince into 2 parts
After a little rest in the tavern I received a message from Pedro De Vega informing me that Port Royale market is lacking sugar which is very essential to produce Rum and so he ordered me to bring 100 K of sugar to Port Royale as soon as possible.
[Image: Ship harboring in Port-au-Prince port as I was resting after the trip in the tavern
Luckily Port-au-Prince is a producer of sugar and the market was filled of it and so I bought the whole amount with a low price and headed up back to Port Royale where I sold all the sugar for a pretty good profit of around 10 K reals! 
Then I continued on my trading trip, First to Port-au-Prince again where I sold 20 barrels of rum and bought some bricks which is essential for building in Port Royale. Then I headed to Tortuga which is known to have more sugar canes than Port-au-Prince even. There I sold the remaining 30 barrels of rum which I bought from Port Royale and equally I bought 60 K of sugar.
[Image:]  The beautiful waterfall of Tortuga
 Until That moment my trading journeys were all successful with no single lose at all. Thus I was awarded the title 'Seafarer' instead of the previous title 'Ship's boy' . Those ranks weren't official ranks by the government but rather they were common titles given to the sailors, captains, and traders to differentiate between them. Normally for each new rank, the sailor will get a souvenir representing his rank.
[Image:] The Souvenir after being awarded the title 'Seafarer' looks small but valuable 
After that I sailed to the new settlement of Caiman. It's a small Spanish city on an isolated island. The city seems to be suffering and the people looks really poor. The population is very low. The city has only 7 businesses with no production of food which is why there isn't much people coming to it.  
[Image:]Cayman looks like it's abandoned from its people! 
But when I thought about it again, I noticed that the city has a very good strategical place on the map. Furthermore It produced different types of products which could be widely distributed and sold to the surrounding cities. 
All of that makes Cayman a good place to start a business but for the time being I don't have any money for that so I will just keep it as an option for the future. 
The city was extremely in need of food production and metal as it is producing metal tools and I came right in time having whatever Cayman needs from Port Royale and I sold them to the market at once. People were very happy because I saved them from a potential famine as they said. They claimed that no ship has entered their harbor from 2 weeks! 
 Among the Pros of Cayman is the strategic place of its fortress at a high hill in the forest at the entrance of the city
 [Image:]The small map which I used during my trading journeys ... there are a lot of new cities to discover 
After Cayman we took our way to Trinidad were we sold the tools we bought in Cayman and the remaining rum and cotton from Port Royale. From there we traveled all the way to Santiago were we continued to sell rum and cotton and buy more woods to sell them in Port Royale 
[Image: green mountains of Santiago looks very natural and beautiful 
It seemed for me that I learned the basics of trading in the Caribbean. simply buying products from the producer cities and selling them in the cities they need them. The captain Juan Rodriguez praised my trading skills claiming that I have a special talent in trading and I'm the best man to take the position of trading attache assistant.
After that we headed to our last destination before we come back to Port Royale which happened to be Turk Island the English Viceroy city. The city looks clean and organized and the people are fresh and excited to work and trade.
Turk Island looks nice and neat
I thought about paying a visit to the English Viceroy, but then I changed my mind as I'm not famous yet to meet the viceroy himself.
There in Turk Island I received a message from Pedro de Vega asking me to come back to Port Royale to do a special mission for the Spanish viceroy and he promised to give me a surprise once I reached there. This man is really Great! 

Turk Island 12 Sep 1561 
to be continued ... 

Gameplay Notes:
After 12 days in-game My treasury is almost 50 K and I got the rank of 'seafarer' I'm improving but very slowly.
Here is the mission were I stopped this time 

 Looking forward to your replies.  Smile
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Great job, well done. Please keep it up!
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these are the threads i want to have a "like"-button!
Your comments came right in time! 
For an instant I was about to lose hope of any response.
Thank you so much Unerde, and [b]Dorimil[/b] for the support. Now I'm more motivated to continue it.
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Lebe jeden Tag, als wäre es Dein Letzter! / Live each day as it would be your last!
Chapter 3: Something in my heart!

Dear diary,
while coming back Turk Island to Port Royale I was excited about what Pedro De Vega is preparing for me. 
I mean This man is really so generous. I owe him my whole life. 
He rescued me from the certain death, gave me a new home, gave me a ship for trading, and 30 k reals which is enough to buy another ship! Some traders spent 10 years of life to buy a ship and another 10 years to get 30 K reals while I got them in one day for free!
I thought for instant that this man is looking for some targets or has benefits behind all of that. But this can't be true. The man is old and I can feel the truth in his speech. Everything he gave me was because I reminded him of his origin city and because he saw in my eyes a better future for Spain and the whole new world. 
On the way I passed by Port-au-Prince where I sold some more items and I reached Port Royale by 14 of September. 
I entered the port and saw a ship raising my own flag! coming closer I saw Pedro De Vega with some Spanish traders preparing a party for me aboard my new ship and honoring me with a new rank of the title "ordinary seaman".
Another souvenir after attaining the rank, which I put in my cabin in my main ship 'Santa Maria' 
Pedro De Vega was so happy with my achievements and he gave me this new ship as another gift. He said that he tried the same with many other youth traders and the best of them was able to gain 10 K in one month, while I was able to double the amount he gave me in a matter of ten days only which was not expected.
This proves a previous experience in trading and a special talent that I have. Most of the traders thought it's only about buying from producers and selling to consumers, but for me it's about knowing the tricks when entering the markets and having the best negotiation skills to buy in the cheapest price and sell at the highest one! 
My popularity in Port Royale has increased obviously after this party, Also Pedro De Vega asked me to give my new ship a name. I thought a bit and then I said proudly "Cadiz"!  
My 2 ships "Santa Maria" and the new gift ship "Cadiz" harboring in Port Royale 

After the wonderful party Pedro De Vega take me apart and informed me about my second secret mission. 
The Spanish viceroy got an invitation from the French viceroy to visit New Orleans with her daughter. The Spanish viceroy was willing already to improve his relations with France after a long period of tension, but as he is busy he will send his daughter only with gifts and a special message to the French viceroy. But the problem is that he is not having any great military convoys harboring in Port Royale as most of the military convoys were sent to aid the royal navy in Spain by that time, and he can't send his own daughter in a weak military or trade ship, specially as he is having a lot of enemies who will be eager to harm her. 
Thus Pedro De Vega suggested to the viceroy to send her daughter with me aboard my new ship "Cadiz" secretly and the viceroy accepted the suggestion happily. 
I was a great honor for me to get such an important mission from the viceroy himself, but at the same time I shall be very careful and confidential while doing it. 
At the dawn of 15 Sep, Elena entered the captain's cabin of my new ship 'Cadiz' secretly. Meanwhile, I asked Juan Rodriguez the captain of "Santa Maria" to remain in Port Royale with the ship and the crew. 
I set sail toward the east although I know that there is a shorter way but I had another 2 goals, first of all this way is more secure as nobody will suspect that Elena is aboard as I'm traveling to the opposite direction, and at the same time I can travel and explore more cities by coming from This way.
The route I took to New Orleans
I rounded about the great Island of Cuba and discovered all the Holland cities specially their capital Grand Bahamas, but I wasn't able to stop in any of them as I have to finish the mission as quickly as possible.    
Now my map is updated with all the Netherlands ports in the Caribbean. along with useful information about their productions. 
Then I headed toward the western French coast where I passed by the ports of Florida Keys, Tampa, Port St. Joe, Pensacola, Biloxi, and finally I'm closed to New Orleans. 
The trip took me around 4 days and now finally my men can have a little rest after a long trip. We harbored in New Orleans port and Elena left the ship and headed toward the viceroy castle to do her diplomatic mission. 
This trip was indeed great. I had a special different feeling and taste than the normal trading trips .. perhabs ... perhabs because this lady was with me! ... Oh what I'm thinking about. It's all about escorting her! I'm nothing more than a transporter!
But really there is something different than normal. During the first 2 days of the trip Elena remained inside the captain's cabin, but then she got bored and suddenly she surprised me and the crew when she went up aboard the quarter deck. I asked her to get back for her safety but she refused as she was happy looking at the ocean and enjoying the nice weather. I noticed her glimpses at me. This lady has a special charm. It's not about the beautiness only. But I can feel the smartness and goodness shining from her eyes.
Elena and her eyes are shining like diamonds
In the tavern of New Orleans I challenged one of the pub visitors on a bid of 1000 reals and I beat him in a minute. He got angry and took his sword trying to threaten me. But before things got more serious my men came to inform me that Elena has finished her mission and I took the money and quickly left back to the ship.
Elena was so angry after her mission. The message was delivered and the relations seems to be improved, but Elena was angry because after she traveled all the way to New Orleans and she had to travel with simple commoners, she discovered that the real reason behind the french invitation was simply a chance to introduce the viceroy's son to her. 
I came closer to her and tried to cheer her up, at first in vain. But eventually she laughs and her radiant eyes burnt themselves into my soul! but then she thought that a woman in her political station should not give a simple sailor any more attention than is absolutely necessary. From that moment this woman has entered my heart and she never left! 
Me as I'm trying to cheer Elena up! 
to be continued .. 

Gameplay notes:
I attained the next rank "Ordinary Seaman" and my treasury now is: 64 K 
This chapter wasn't too much gameplay but explanation of the game story.
(06-10-2016, 11:42 AM)Dorimil Wrote: i love threads like these but always hesitate to write anything in feels like adding some rubbish to a nice work! Wink
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I want to apologize from everybody about my sudden disappear and pausing of working on this project.
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Another reason is that I really founded that nobody seems to care about this.
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Anyway I'm still thinking about continuing this. but hope I find enough time for that.
Hi Anas_Pasha.
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