I'm not sure where to ask this?
Some games can literally do this. I've played PR3 with the cd in the cd rom drive, and it works fine. I've played it twice with the cd not in the cd rom drive, the games mechanics plays just the same. The first time of doing this I noticed a buzzing within my CPU, that went away a few days later. The second time I played the game without the cd in the cd rom drive, the buzzing never stopped. I brought it to the store I bought it and it was sent back to the factory for a faulty CPU fan. Can playing it without the cd over load the computer? Like because some things are saved on the computer and other things on the cd? Or it just needs the cd for the game to function correctly? Forgive me if this can't happen, but I just recently got my computer back all fixed and wanted to ask before I give PR3 another go. Ok, thanks!
Hi Guardacostas.
No worries, your CPU or other components will be not harmed when playing with or without CD.
Probably the game might be slower, when your storage is outdated or just running full. Maybe even faster, as the data does not need to be read from the CD anymore.


Ok, thanks. I remember an old NVIDIA driver a few years back causing a similar problem. I never knew about it to download the bugged version, except until a few days later stating to anyone who had installed it, to erase immediately and to download the new corrected version instead.

** Disclaimer. PR3 will give you hours of awesome gameplay, and will NOT harm your computer ** lol

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