Having difficultys after cheese mission PS4
Ever since I because king of cheese I have been running into Numerous bugs, I had ran into these bugs before the mission, but thier frequency is much higher now. One such problem I run into is the game wont export various  item's Especially cheese and planks. Here are some screen shots showcasing this very problem.

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/AdrfCqD.jpg]
My creamery in this picture repeatedly stops producing because its too full yet in this next picture my cheese never exports.
[Image: http://i.imgur.com/BABXK9u.jpg]
Incase the images don't load heres a imgur gallery link : http://imgur.com/gallery/R1skO

Is there a way for me to force items to export? and how do I undo the problems cossed by this cheesy bug without losing my family progress

I'm on PS4.
You cannot force items to export. In some missions, you will notice that steel mills will not export steel, unless there is coal and iron coming into the factory (the production chain stalls). Maybe that is happening to you, because there is not enough ranches for the number of creameries?

You shouldn't lose any significant progress by restarting the mission. I'd recommend that you try the same mission again, but position buildings differently and don't develop too quickly. Also: you cannot declare revolution in this mission, so ignore the socialist lady each time she appears.

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