What do you want with this dilapidated old house?
So I have been playing the Patrician 4 for several hours and after lots and lots of trade I made a few millions and decided to buy a Patrician's house. And when I bought the house from the competitor he literally laughed at my face and said:

"What do you want with this dilapidated old house? With this much gold I can easily build a new one."

Is this some sort of a joke? What is the point of all this trade and hard work when a single stupid house costs quadrillion gold coins?!? But if I try to sell to him one of my houses it costs only about 10 000. Where is the sense in that?

To top it all the idiotic competitor is building houses like crazy during the whole time and I have no way of stopping that. Eventually it is like every rat in the city has its own house built by the competition and it costs a million bucks each. What is going on!?

So is there something I am missing here or is beating the competition in this game just hopeless?

Yes it's a Money Pit, but later in games you may also get quests from the Prince to buy lands in his kingdom. This too has little benefit apart from keeping him happy and stopping sieges.
The only time it may be useful to but an AI characters house is when there is a fire in town.
You buy the house where it starts and demolish it quickly before the fire spreads out of control and destroys most of the town including your houses and businesses.
the earlier you start buying houses and facilities the cheaper they are. also during plagues or fire.

the AI starts building a house when there people fill in 60% of the existing houses. so keeping this rate lower until the town is full keeps stopping the AI.
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