FPS issue with
Hi there, fired up the game for the first time since a significant PC upgrade and have found I'm getting very low FPS. My specs are:

i5 6600
AMD 480

and it's installed on an SSD. I'm running gtaV on full settings without a hitch and yet Tropico 5 is having performance issues?

Are there any known issues with this card or am I missing something stupid.

Thanks in advance

If you have upgraded your video card then just check you are using the new card and not the integrated graphics controller. Unless you disabled your previous card and the Integrated Graphics prior to installing your new card it may not have picked it up correctly.

Check on DXdiag that you are using the AMD 480, if not change it , and if you are then Device Manager and right click card and update driver.

I'm running on two machines a much less powerful rig and a high spec machine and its running fine on both.

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