Giveaway ships?
Is there any way to giveaway unused ships in harbor? I tried to find pirates in taverns and give ships to them, or to Viceroy like in PR2, but i couldnt find that 'option' Smile. I have them so many in my city (max number). At the moment i have Liners and Wargalleons only, coz i am selling other ships, dont know what to do with them. Any suggestions? Or the only way is to sell them...? I am playing free mode, thanks!
Sell them if you absolutely no use for them at all. But ships make money Smile
if you have max number of single ships in one a convoy! Wink
i use them for doing quests and shipping goods.
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I have 8 convoys already, 5 for trade and 3 for battles/missions (dont need anymore - for now Smile ). I always prefer to capture ships in combat, that is why i have them so many. I guess i will sell them then. Sorry for my bad London, and thanks for answering Smile .

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