[BUG] Multiplayer can not be started in the russian version!
Multiplayer in the english version works fine. But in the russian version in the multiplayer lobby I can't press any button ("Refresh" and "Cancel" buttons are not greyed out but still not clickable).
We already raised this topic in the Steam Community with no luck:
Hi FotonCat.
Thank you for pointing this out. Be assured we are on it and I will get back to you as soon as there is an update regarding this.
Stay tuned.

Hi everybody.
And here the update on the problem already:
As you might have seen one of Gaming Minds' developers Base, has already made a post in the Steam Community Hub of Grand Ages: Medieval:
Quote:Hi everyone,
we've found the issue and now it should be possible for all russian builds to join multiplayer properly. Please be aware of a small download taking place. If you're right now logged in into steam please make sure to verify file integrity before launching GAM.
Cheers from Gaming Minds

So start your game and enjoy!



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