I Love to play Tropico, cant get enough of it. But after making 12572 island you start to notice things that you would like that are not there. It gets to be the same all over again. I love the scenery, its everything for me. But I wish there where 10 different houses to choose from or that there should be 10 different shops, bars, restaurant, tourist traps gas station post office... (there's no post office.?) and so on to make the scenery more interesting. The old town section (ever been to New Orleans) or Havana. I like putting two roads side by side with garden in between to make a boulevard and be creative. The buildings in Tropico 4 should of been right along with all the building of Tropico 5, why loose all that creativity that went into one and not carried on to the next. What about a cruise ship terminal with all the shops. Ever been on a cruise with all the shore excersions. A lot of people have great ideals, like rivers, back roads, train, and so on. It take me 50 try to find an island I like, like two mountain with a valley in between so my road can snake its way trough it, if it can that is. I'm not complaining at all, I love this game so much that I can really see its potential. I know you probably cant mix SimCity and a Sid Meier's railroad and a car driving game so you could actually drive a car trough your island that you just created, I mean you would not want a car chase by the local police on a peaceful island now would you, you might just land in the prison that you had built. I guess its time to evolve and use everyone's ideals that's on the forum. Cant wait for Tropico 6..! Cool  I wonder if anyone on the Tropico design team has ever been on a cruise...??

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