My strategy to earn huge money and have zero problems with elections
First of all, you Need to build some farms for corn to feed the hungry mob

After that you need to build as many mines, salt mines and logging camps as possible. That will piss off the environmentalists but if someone makes Problems you will simply build some Military camps, watchtowers and hire as many soldiers as possible to make them shut up.

People! This is tropico! You are a dictator, try to act like one and all will be fine!

If you pay your soldiers good they will destroy all rebellions within minutes.

After you have ruthlessly exploited your Islands natural recources and workers, you Need to build some highschools to get Soldiers and Industry workers. To boost the high Schools you should also build some basic Schools so the Kids get some intelligence boost to enter high School later.

After you have achieved that you Need to build a College. You Need a coal power plant (literally fuck the environmentalists!) and high educated engineers.

After you have build the coal plant you will build some iron based industry to exploit your workers further. Do never rase the wage of filthy workers! They will only get bold if you rase their low wages!

You just Need Military to Keep them in check!

I have forgotten to mention that you have to set the amount of imports to Zero at the very beginning! Maybe some homeless will starve but who gives a phuck?! YOU ARE A DICTATOR!!! never Forget that!

You also don´t Need any Kind of amusement beside bars. Enough bars will satisfy the idiotic dock workers. some booze and they are happy.

Hospitals? Build one, but not more! You only Need to look like you care about your slaves ehm..People. You don´t Need to realy care about them! Don´t Forget YOU ARE FIDEL CASTRO!!! Castro gives a phuck about tropicans, cubans and what not.

You also Need a swiss bank account and a luxurious Palace!! To get enough high score!

After you have exploited the natural recources, you Need to bulldoze all your industry buildings and fire the industry workers and hire them as soldiers. You can not have enough soldiers! there will be many rebellions! i counted 20 rebellions in only 50 years of my rule! LOL My Island was a hellhole for ist inhabitants! but still These idiots Keep flowing in, because i did build a Immigration Office with openb borders at the very beginning!

After the industry is bulldozed build some bussinesstowers to earn big Money with slave Labor Services! YOU DON´T NEED tourism at all! tourists are just a pain in the ass. WITH MY SYSTEM you dont give a phuck about Embargos or foreign Nation interventions. They can´t do anything to my empire!! HAHA!

With my System i earned a final wealth of $3.660.815,00 Dollars (3,66 Million DOLLAR$$$$$$!!!!) with only some +600 low wage labor slaves and 60 high payed soldiers to Keep them in check.

You are free to copy my System of success!


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