Construction workers stuck/vanish . cant place buildings because objects underneath
This bug breaks the game for me, nothing gets built, construction offices are full of employees but when i click on the buildings maybe one arrow points to a worker from each building. clicking on the people individually points me to apartment building/nuclear power building...but they dont get an arrow above them.

I have a place where i cant place a building in an open field because objects are blocking it, ive demolished everything in the area but still cant place it.
one of the construction workers i found is just running in place, no arrow over his head but was able to find him by clicking on his head in the construction office menu. he has low health, low liberty, low everything. hes probably been running there for a while. demolishing the building hes next to doesnt unstick him or stop him from sprinting in place. my entire map is unhappy with me now and im probably going to lose the election. start over and run into the same problem? wish i knew what caused this.
more enemies? where? there are no more enemies. theyre just hovering over dead bodies.

construction worker stuck running in one place. is it just one man or many people stacked in the same position? who knows, i do know im in desperate need of workers all over the place even though i have 1400 citizens.

im almost out of uranium?!? even with geological survey and rockbreaker upgrades??? i doubt i even have enough to complete this mission and move on.

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