PS4 DLC not working.
Hi, I dunno where else to turn since most other forums about Tropico 5 on PS4 seem very inactive.

I got Tropico 5 for free from the PS+ subscription, enjoyed it very much and today I bought the DLC packs in the winter sale. But after downloading and installing them they do not appear to be installed at all(in the game that is), for example only the vanilla buildings are available in sandbox mode and there's only the standard campaign. Yet the Playstation claims the expansions are installed.

I have tried deleting the full game and expansions and re-downloading but that didn't help. I hope someone here have advise.

Oh and Happy Holidays.
Well I'll be d*****. I was just gonna play a sandbox game but just randomly checked the campaign tab (for the 80th time or something) and there the two DLC campaigns where and the other missions had be added as well. I haven't done anything unusual since my post OP, I just checked the game a few times a day and did a few restarts every time hoping that the DLC would appear somehow by my will alone. So I have now drawn the conclusion that I am God or at the very least a Demi-god.

Anyway, thanks for all the help guys and gals and happy 2017 to you all.
Hi Daggoth.
I am happy to hear that your problem has been solved by itself as it seems.

So happy 2017 to you as well, have fun and enjoy.


P.S.: Thread solved and closed!

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