10 Days Demans ?
Can someone explain what is the 10 days demand and how to take account of it when selling ?
The list of Goods TAB in the Market shows the current stock of Goods column 1 ; the "10 day demand" is just how much of that good will be required in the town by the townsfolk and the businesses -over the next 10 days, that's column 2; Then Column 3 is how much of each good is being produced in the town.

If there is a shortfall then the 10 day demand is highlighted in RED for a large shortfall  or Amber (yellow) in column 3 for overproduction . This gives you the opportunity to ship in that good either to sell direct or ensure you have a good stock in your counting house.

Sometimes that shortfall will be due to building material so that usually a one off sale, but if you have a counting house in that town,  then the 10 day demand gives you an idea of which good to keep a stock of in the counting house for your administrator to sell. Or if that good can be produced in the town build some businesses to produce it.
So it shows the value that will drop to 0 after 10 days ?
No - it just shows what is required. If you look at the attached image you see that:-
It shows:-
Honey - zero Honey in town but 13 Honey will be required in the next 10 days: where will that come from?
    You can supply that but other traders may well be selling Honey to the Town - the display is just showing an opportunity. Displays in RED

 Salt shows 39 barrels in town but only 6 required in next 10 days but third column shows 70 salt being produced - it displays Amber, overproduction, too much salt being produced. (This is good because I'm using the town to produce Salt). I've corrected my original post.

Clothes too are overproduced but that is another trader's businesses, not me.

It also shows a large number of RED entries with zero amounts of goods in stock and the requirement potentially not being met. This town has a frozen Harbour so no goods are being delivered. So you have an opportunity to supply the town short term with many goods.

Other situations may show where you have a long term opportunity - even in this town there is zero Cloth but another trader is producing Clothes so potentially you could supply Cloth long term because the other trader will need it to produce the Clothes.

[Image: http://www.image-share.com/upload/3408/126m.jpg]
I meant how much i should sell to a city. If there is lets say "100" 10days demand, i should sell 100 goods to get 1 green diamond ?
It depends on what you are looking to do in that town.
If you are looking to make money then just sell goods at the best price either by trading from a convoy, or by setting your counting house price to best price. You will still get the popularity in the town that comes with goods supply.
If you want to increase your popularity then sell to 1 green bar. Maximises popularity and you still make money.

This all depends on what you have in terms of stock either in the town or can transport to it, and in turn depends on your longer term plan.

For example, I always try to build up a reserve of Building goods (Wood, Bricks, Tools) if I see a town that is short of those then I can ship a quanity and sell depending on what my plan is for that town, money or popularity or steady profit.

I also build up reserve of goods required for Mediterranean trading, if any of those are short in a town then the same thing applies.
I am trying to sell goods to city until that good gets 1 diamond. I am asking how much i should grab from my warehouse and sell in my trade routes to not sell above 1 diamond. I want to understand how much goods that town needed. Currently overstocking happens in my selling city. City doesnt consume much raw iron. But i dont want to cut off whole raw metal supply to the city. So i must know how much i should unload to target warehouse. Please give me the answer not the beginner tips.
If you are looking for exact prices and quantities, take a look at this thread, some excellent data produced by Bagaluth and still available for download - look at post number 4.


Then look towards the bottom of Charlotte's Post and you will see a NEW download link, that indicates some new amendments and in English.

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